How To Improve Your Posture – The Do’s and Don’ts


A good posture is important for your general body strength and also helps in maintaining your balance, besides making you look good. When you have good posture you can help reduce body aches and have more energy in your body to strive for more. There are basically two kinds of posture: dynamic and static. Dynamic posture is about how you hold your body shape while in motion, for example when you are walking or running.

On the other hand, static body posture is about how you hold and carry your body when you are not in motion, for example when you are sitting or sleeping. Poor posture has been related to a number of problems including joint pain, back and neck pain, inflexibility, making your bones and spine more fragile, and much more. It is hence very important to be mindful of your posture and take steps actively to make it better.

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Following are some easy ways with which you can make your posture better:

  • Improving your posture when sitting

Whether at the office or the school, you have to spend hours sitting in the same chair that may not be equipped to provide you good spine support. It is important that you change your sitting position from time to time and take a break by walking around for a minute or two.

You must never cross your legs when seated and make sure that your feet are touching the floor at all times. Do not hold tension in your shoulder but they should not be slouched as well. Make sure that your elbows are well rested as close to your body as possible. You should also have back support at all times and sit straight for the best posture.

  • Improving your posture when standing

When standing, you should always make sure that you stand up straight with your shoulder held back. You should be aware to put your maximum weight on the balls of your feet and pull your stomach in. Your hands should rest by the side of your body naturally and your head level must be maintained. By being a little cautious and mindful of your posture, you can actually make a great difference in maintaining flexibility in your body.

  • Exercises to Maintain your Posture

Staying active and exercising on a regular basis is not only a big part of staying healthy but it also helps you in maintaining good posture. You will often notice that people who have a more active lifestyle and tend to exercise regularly automatically have better posture.

This can be attributed to the fact that not only are they more in tune with their body but they feel rather rested with a good posture in place. Some of the best ways you can make your posture good are by regular exercise which might include yoga, weight training, or even Zumba. 

Whatever method of working out you might choose, you have to remember that if you want to buy gym accessories, you have to be extra mindful regarding the quality as it involves your wellbeing. Some important exercises that have been known for good posture are as follows:

Forward fold: It is great for releasing tension, your glutes, spine, and hamstrings. It stretches your legs and hips adding flexibility to your entire body.

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Child’s pose: This exercise lengthens your spine and glutes and helps you release tension from your back.

Chest opener: As the name suggests, this dynamic exercise is for opening and stretching your chest. It is a must if you are someone who has to spend most of the day sitting down and hardly get a chance to move around.

Cat Cow: This exercise is a great one for massaging and stretching your spine to the fullest and letting it breathe. It is also for releasing tension from your neck and shoulders.

Planks: Side planks are important for helping keep straight your legs and spine. This is an energizing exercise that works up your glutes and sides and keeps them active. On the other hand, high planks are a full body exercise that is very good for making your body more flexible by making your body more fluid by releasing pent up stiffness. It is also great for your glutes and shoulders and helps to maintain balance in your body.

Pigeon pose: This exercise essentially opens up your spine and hip and helps to stretch your quadriceps and sciatic nerve. It is great for correction of the various imbalances in your posture.

Glute squeeze: This exercise is well known for those who have lower back pain and opens up your glutes. It helps soothe any misalignment of your pelvis and hips as well.

Downward dog: This is basically a forward bend exercise that helps those with back pain and also provides strength to your back muscles.

  • Maintaining a healthy weight is very important

While it is true that there is nothing like “optimal weight”, it is also important that you maintain a healthy weight. When you have an extra accumulation of fat and weight they may cause weakness in your abdominal muscles which are very prevalent for those who suffer from spine and back problems. This can be damaging for your posture which is why you should make sure that you stay within manageable weight ranges that help you to stay fit and active.

  • A healthy diet is equally important

We have been told to eat a balanced diet from a very young age and this applies to maintaining good posture as well. When you eat well, you develop good metabolizing capacity which is very important not only for keeping in shape but also for staying active. Stay away from unnecessary carbohydrates and fat and make your meals heavy on protein and fiber. You must incorporate a healthy habit of a well-rounded meal for the best results.

You can’t make your posture better in a single day. It is more about incorporating healthy habits and general awareness about your posture. It is something that takes time and effort but once you make some changes and adopt some healthy habits, it becomes an easy road from there onwards. Buy Steroids UK at best available prices.

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