International Day of Mathematics 2022: Theme, History, Significance, Importance, Celebration, Activities, and everything about ‘Pi Day’


International Day of Mathematics 2022: Theme, History, Significance, Importance, Celebration, Activities: International Mathematics Day is a global celebration that takes place on 14 March. International Mathematics Day aims to showcase the fundamental role played by mathematical science in the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and in strengthening Africa and gender equality, two of UNESCO’s priorities.

International Day of Mathematics 2022 Theme

The theme of the 2022 International Day of Mathematics is Mathematics Unites!


The International Day of Mathematics is a global event that celebrates mathematics. IDM is a relatively new event and was first celebrated in 2020 on 14th March. The goal was and still is to encourage, support, and assist international mathematics activities and the further development of mathematics. It aims to educate people about the essential role of mathematics in science and technology, improve quality of life, empower women and girls and contribute to sustainable development.

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Significance, and Importance

The main goal of the International Day of Mathematics is to improve understanding among the general public about the importance of mathematics in education, to raise awareness of the role of mathematics in modern society, science, and disaster management. International Mathematics Day is celebrated every year on 14 March to celebrate the importance of mathematics and its essential role in everyone’s life, it was started by UNESCO in the year 2019. Increasing access to information about mathematics, increasing international networking, supporting public awareness of mathematics, etc.

Celebration, Activities, and everything

Greater global awareness of mathematical science is critical to addressing challenges in areas such as artificial intelligence, climate change, energy and sustainable development, and improving the quality of life in both the developed and developing world. The theme of the first year was ‘Maths is everywhere.’ The focus was on exploring how mathematics is found in science, technology, arts, sports, and many other activities and disciplines. The value of pi was first calculated by a mathematician called Archimedes of Syracuse. However, the value was officially accepted by the scientific community only after Leonhard Euler came up with the symbol for pi in 1737.

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