Last Moment Tips to Score Well in Maths Class 10 Board Exam


You may have practised the different chapters in the math subject a lot. But as the exam approaches, it is quite natural to feel a bit nervous. Losing confidence will only mean losing crucial marks in the exam. But with some tips from the experts and practising ncert solutions for class 10 maths will enable you to be confident enough to get even 100. Availing tips from the experts will also enable you to finish the exam paper on time. 

Overcoming complications and problems

Often students tend to face problems when trying to complete their maths paper within the specified time. One main reason for this is due to tricky, long calculations used to solve the different questions. When solving questions during exams, most students tend to panic, thus making costly mistakes. They are also unable to complete the paper within the specified time. Since they are short of time, they are compelled to leave some easy questions which if completed could have fetched more marks. Such situations only lead to unwanted disappointment.

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Tips to follow to finish Maths paper fully and correctly on time

  • Prepare a well-developed strategy before taking the exam: Firstly, get to know the exam pattern and analyse it thoroughly. Prepare a well-developed strategy to follow in the final exam. Count the questions, mark breakup, their type, etc. that is given in the board paper. 
  • Understand question paper design and exam pattern: This will help you to get familiarized with the exam, provide you with more confidence, enabling you to approach it confidently. Moreover, you should know the question format asked along with mark breakup. Understanding the question pattern will ensure knowing the paper structure of the paper given in the exam. This can help save crucial time while answering the paper. The professional teachers at Cuemath can provide you with more tips to save precious time. 
  • Do not fear complex/tough problems: There can be set complex/tough questions. Do not worry, as anxiety is likely to cause panic attacks, thus hampering your overall performance. Begin answering with easier questions and then move on to solving tough ones. Every correct answer will help you gain confidence to do the more complex ones. 
  • Use the initial fifteen minutes wisely and effectively: Students get 15 minutes to go through the entire question paper before starting the exam. Develop a strategy to write the exam appropriately. Read all the questions given thoroughly and understand them. Prepare 3 categories like tough, manageable and easy. It will give you a clear idea of how to approach the exam. Start answering the easy ones. 
  • Maintain accuracy and speed: Solve each question quickly while maintaining accuracy. Avoid getting confused between different topics. Implement quick calculation techniques to save precious time. Maintain caution when using terms and signs to solve problems. Otherwise, you will waste time, thus resulting in incorrect answers. Copy the question correctly.
  •  Understand the weightage of each question: While attempting questions, have a clear idea of the marks provided to each question. This will help determine the estimated time to spend answering them. This way, you can give less time to easy ones and more time to tough/complicated questions. It will also ensure you do not miss out on crucial scoring sums. 
  • Keep a tab on time: This is crucial when answering questions. You cannot just write a question without considering time spent on it. Remember, to score a full 100 marks in Maths, you are to attempt all the answers. This is only possible if you allocate time for every question right before the start of the exam. But a minor variation experienced in allotted time to every question or section should not be a matter of concern. 

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Getting ncert solutions for class 9 maths from the experts will make you a pro in this subject. Also, you can eliminate all your fears and worries and take math as your core subject while studying higher classes.


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