Men’s Hats for Different Occasions


Hats have paved its way back into the modern fashion scene. From fancy, extravagant social meetings to hip and casual everyday attire, hats are easily the right undertones to enhance anyone’s overall look. 

Tips on how to rock your get-up with the perfect hat

One of the most incredible things about donning a hat in this day and age is the fact that it distinguishes you from the ordinary while also blending you in easily with the crowd. So if you’re still unsure which kind of hat to wear in various situations, check out this amazing compilation we’ve carefully curated just for you.

1. Trilby with weaved pattern

This hat is definitely a head-turner in its own right. Whether straw or felt-made, the weaved pattern shows off a carefree and contemporary appeal. With its flat frontal brim, this is perfect for daytime strolls, partnered with sunglasses hanging on your shirt on a beautiful sunny morning at the beach. It’s basically the typical baseball cap you wear to ease out the bright sun rays, except this one has class. 

2. The Herrington newsboy

The Herrington newsboy is incredibly nifty apparel. Despite its modest look, this one can certainly rock your smart-casual OOTD with a ‘simple yet refined’ flair. Dress down a Herrington newsboy with a well-worn denim jacket, a nice pair of fitted jeans, and a pair of comfortable sneakers to bring out a subdued sense of modern finesse. If you’re not up to that then a trench coat over a plain shirt coupled with denim jeans and a pair of dark oxford shoes could exude a more urban charm. And it doesn’t stop there because the newsboy is so remarkably versatile that you can don it on a lot of occasions—from formal wear to casual daily clothing. Or you can just nonchalantly wear it like it’s a random Saturday afternoon without a care in the world. In the end, The Herrington newsboy can effortlessly amplify your style, so wear it as you mean it.

3. Wool trilby

This wool hat is the ideal mix of laid back and dashing. Since it’s made out of wool, this type of trilby hints just the right amount of charisma without compromising comfort. Partner this with long sleeves and cropped trousers for an urbane look with personality. On colder mornings, wear it along with an overcoat, and a scarf around your neck to showcase your English sartorial style (if you’re into that). Just like the Herrington newsboy, this one can easily adapt to your wardrobe so just put it on and take it easy.

4. The classic bowler hat

I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out first. This iconic bowler hat that has dominated the photos of your rich grandpa from the 70s has remained one of the most loved pieces of headwear up until this day, and let me tell you why. Although there are a number of hats you can match with a formal evening suit, this one in particular boosts your overall appeal without completely overshadowing the rest of your get-up. On top of that, the band around the hat’s crown radiates a subtle kind of elegance that no other hat can give off. Plus, there are a lot of different colors, types of fabric, and even motifs of bands that could seamlessly complement your style. So hats off in advance to that posh dinner appointment which you’ll surely do justice on (if you’re wearing this hat, of course).


Knowing the ideal hat that meets your taste, and the perfect moments to wear them on—you can absolutely rock any outfit without a second thought. We hope that through this list of options, you can now easily identify which hat to wear on certain events, and which hats you could’ve tried and tested to magnify your fashion sense. 


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