Quick Insulation Projects To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter


We’re in the thralls of winter, which means snow, Christmas and new years festivities are just around the corner – how fun! But it also means that things are going to get incredibly cold – not so much fun!

But there are things you can do at home to improve your insulation and keep your home warmer in the cold winter months. Read on to discover a few quick and easy home insulation projects you can do this winter.

Insulate Windows With Thermal Blinds

If you’re trying to keep your home warm, the first area you should look to insulate is your home’s windows. Windows (especially older ones) are a zone where heat loss frequently occurs, as hot air leaks out and cold air leaks into your home, this obviously isn’t ideal when trying to keep your home nice and toasty.

Luckily, you can quickly add a protective layer of insulation to your home’s windows by installing made to measure insulating blinds onto your windows. These insulating blinds will create an extra layer of insulation, to keep warm air inside your home and keep the cold air outside.

Block Draughts From Leaking Cold Air

Another area of your home that you should urgently address is areas with draughts. Draughts occur around windows, doors and air vents that weren’t correctly installed or that have deteriorated over time, these areas will let the cold breeze from outside draught into your home through gaps in the sealant or frame.

To combat draughts in your home, you should look around and identify areas that are suffering from draughty spots. Once you’ve identified all the draughts in your home you should make or buy some draught excluders and place them down in the draughty areas to bl0ock the cold air from breezing into your home.

Reduce Heat Loss From Your Radiators

When it’s cold you turn on your home’s radiators, but most people don’t know that you may be losing heat from your radiators as it leaks through your walls into the outside world. Many people don’t consider insulating their radiators, but by doing so you can improve the thermal efficiency of your home.

The best way to insulate a radiator to prevent heat loss through your home’s walls is to install a reflective layer of insulation behind your radiators to bounce the heat away from exterior walls and back into your home. A simple bit of tinfoil will do the job, as the goal is to reflect the heat back into your home, rather than create a traditional layer of insulation.

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