Should You Get A Tattoo? 5 best Pros & Cons You Need To Know


If you were thinking about getting a tattoo and are looking for some good designs, hold on! Are you sure about getting a tattoo? If you are thinking about some of the advantages and disadvantages of getting a tattoo, you are not alone in this.

There are many people who have regretted their decision after having their first tattoo. This is the reason why you should think twice before getting one. And more so because it is something that is going to be there on your body permanently.

Jobs And Tattoo

While it is true that our society is developing, most people are still prejudiced against the different forms of body art. Tattoo and how people think about it is no different.

It is considered a taboo by most people. This is the reason why having and not having a tattoo plays a major role in landing a job.

Most of the time, if there are any offensive words or images in the tattoo, it may affect your job opportunities negatively. Some of the working sectors advise the employees to cover up their tattoos, for example, in the judiciary.

There are different types of rules and regulations for different types of lawyers, all of them have one thing in common, and that is concealing the tattoos. Because you couldn’t see it was probably the reason why you thought to yourself, “Can lawyers have tattoos?”

Similarly, there are also a lot of areas that do not care about tattoos. For example, if you are going to work at a club who are looking for young and zealous employees, having a tattoo might be of help to you.

Should You Get A Tattoo?

The first and mainly the only thing that most people have on their mind when thinking about getting their first tattoo is: Should I get one?

It is only natural to think like that. After all, it is something that is going to stay with you forever.


You may find many people who have more than one tattoo. That is something that they like. But did you know that there is more to tattoos than a just preference?

Yes, there are many advantages and benefits of having a tattoo. Some of them are:

1. Health Benefits Are There

Most people are aware of the health risks that arrive with tattoos. But did you know that there are many health benefits of having a tattoo as well?

According to a study done recently, it has been seen that tattoos boost the body’s immunity. It also reduces the cortisol level in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that increases the stress levels in the body.

2. Covers Up Your Scars

If you are someone who has a lot of body scars and marks that you are very conscious about, maybe you should try getting a tattoo. This can effectively cover up the area that you are conscious about.

3. Personality And Self-Expression

For most people, a tattoo is a form of self-expression. It is something through which they can express their personality. Whatever you like, a quote, a song, a cartoon character, you can just paint it on the body.

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4. May Initiate Conversation

Though it is true that many people are prejudiced against body art, that does not take away from the fact that it does make them curious. This makes them initiate a conversation. It can be two individuals who have tattoos or one person who has gotten inked and someone who has not. It is just a fascinating thing to talk about, isn’t it?

Things like “what does it mean” or “did it hurt when you got that” are some of the common ice breakers. All thanks to the magic of tattoos.

5. It Is About The Emotions

There are a number of emotional reasons why people may decide to get a tattoo. Some people get inked to celebrate a happy occasion, while some get a tattoo in the memory of someone they loved. 

As tattoos are something that stays with us till the end, they hold a lot of powerful meaning. This is the reason why most people who decide to get a tattoo done consider it an emotional component.


While there are a number of advantages of having a tattoo, there are an equal number of disadvantages of having one too.

Here are some cons of having a tattoo:

1. Can Be Expensive

While there are many people who claim to provide tattoo services at a very low cost, if you want to get it done from a good place, be assured that it is not going to be cheap.

The price of getting a tattoo varies, as it depends on a lot of reasons. For example, what is the size of the tattoo? Are there colors involved? How unique is the design?

Keeping all these things in mind, the tattoo artist will quote an amount; most of the time, this amount is higher than what you expect. The price of the tattoo will increase as the complexity of the design increases.

2. Changes And Fades Over Time

If you think that your tattoo is going to look the same ten years from now, you need to get your facts right. As you age, your tattoo tends to fade. That does not mean that it completely vanishes with time. It just does not look as bright as it did before.

Not only that, but tattoos also change color due to sunlight. This is because the sun breaks down the pigment that gives the tattoo a dark color.

3. Health Risks Are Definitely There

While we are aware that we have mentioned that there are many health benefits of having a tattoo, there are even more health risks of getting one. For example, there have been many cases of HIV that happened because of unsterilized needles that were used to ink.

4. Can Limit Your Career Options

Even though the world is changing and societies are becoming more and more open, there are still some prejudices that are present.

In society, tattoos are a taboo. This is one of the reasons why many occupations either do not allow tattoos or ask (read: order) the employees to cover them up.

5. Ink Allergies Are A Thing

While it is one of the least known disadvantages, it is true. Many people who have sensitive skin have ink allergies. The worst part about it is that they did not know that their skin would react to the external component (the ink). Ink allergies can lead to excessive rashes, itching, and other skin allergies.

Final Words

A lot of us may want to get a tattoo done at some point of time in our lives. But what if it is just a passing feeling? This is something that has happened to a lot of people. The fact that it is something permanent is both an advantage and a disadvantage.

You cannot remove your tattoo after you have done it. Even though there are many laser tattoo removal options now, they are very expensive and painful. They are also not able to remove the tattoo completely.

It also limits a lot of career options that are otherwise available to you. For example, have you ever seen lawyers with tattoos? No. That is because lawyers are not allowed to have tattoos on visible areas. This is something that the judiciary has set for the lawyers.

However, it is a form of self-expression. There are many people who claim that their tattoos have helped them in ways they had never imagined. From boosting their confidence to breaking the ice when meeting new people, there are a lot of ways in which tattoos have helped people.


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