Ways To Make Your House Moving More Effective 


Change is the only thing constant, and changing places adds to the growth of an individual. But the stress of finding the right packers and movers robs one of all the joys. Whether you are packing for a trip or to your new house, you surely crib about the packing and leave it for the last moment.

It is accepted that moving is not easy, but by following some quick points, one can plan an effective move. Let’s have a sneak-peek into some key points that will make your move effective.

1. Clearing the clutter

Ease your packing process by being ruthless about the things you do not require anymore. If you do not need those shoes but just keep them because they are your favourite, just donate them. Get rid of all the things that are not serving you at all. 

Clearing the clutter will help you to reduce the things to be packed. This further helps in reducing the burden and chaos of packing. 

2. Prepare the checklist

A checklist is a key to anything. Prepare a checklist of everything when it comes to moving and packing. Note all the things you have to get rid of. Take note of all the things you have to buy. 

Mark things on your wall calendar.

Monday- Call movers and packers in India

Tuesday- Donating the stuff not needed

Wednesday- Buying the things required

3. Book professional packers and movers 

Professional movers and packers will make the entire process 10 times easier. They are well trained to perform such tasks. They not only know how to perform these tasks efficiently but also save a lot of your energy and time. While they take care of all your stuff, you can focus on other things, like finding a school for your children in the new city.

4. Get extra copies of your important documents 

It is not something new that there is a high probability of things getting misplaced while moving places. Since there are huge chances of your documents getting mixed up in the clutter, take measures to prevent this. Whenever you plan your move, make sure to make a folder of all your important documents. Once you have done that, take out copies of all your documents.

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5. Do not skip labelling 

Though it may appear to be not such an important task, if you skip it, then you will regret it later. If you are packing your stuff yourself or getting it done, make sure to label your boxes or get them labelled. 

Label your boxes as “fragile items”, “glassware”, “tabletop” etc. This will assist you in moving these boxes with greater care, and you can have a more organized and sorted unpacking experience later. If you do not label your boxes then while placing things in the new house, you will end up in trouble. Label your boxes properly so that when you set your kitchen, you do not waste time and spread the clutter by unboxing the boxes not needed at that time. 

6. Choose wisely 

There are a lot of packers and movers in India and you have to choose the best suitable option for you. Make a list of all the options available. Shortlist the ones that have good reviews on their website, nice comments on their social media handles, and enriched experience or training. Also, take quotations of various options available and choose the one that suits you best. 

7. Record videos in time-lapse during the packing process

There are things that need to be disassembled before packing. Like that office chair on your work desk, your pool table, bed etc. The packers and movers may disassemble stuff in haste. And leave all of the guesswork of assembling to you. In order to prevent time wastage of hit and trial of assembling while unpacking and setting the goods, record the disassembling videos in advance. It will make the process 10 times easier for you. 

8. Make arrangements for your kids and furry babies

It becomes difficult to take care of kids and furry babies in all the mess. There are times when we get so occupied sorting out the moving and packing tasks that we tend to skip or delay our meals. But with kids and pets, things should be performed in a time-bound manner. Therefore, it is important that you make special arrangements for them during all this hassle and make them stay with friends or relatives. 

9. Keep the essentials handy

There are some essential items that you may require on your way, like medicines, sanitisers, your cervical pillow etc. Keep them in a handy bag that will not go in your mover’s truck but with you. You will land up in trouble if you forget to take them with you, and your moving experience may turn into a nightmare. So, avoid such a blunder and make your moving experience effective. 

These were some of the tips that will make your moving experience effective. However, there are some more points that need to be checked in your moving and packing journey that are as follows:

10. Storage facility 

Many times, you prefer to move yourself first and get your furniture later. The reason could be simple that you want to clean, sanitize and disinfect the place before you get settled. Keeping the goods at the previous place may also not be feasible to you. In such cases, many packers and movers companies in India provide the storage facility. They make arrangements to store the goods in the warehouses that are either their own or they arrange. 

11. Ask for special crating

Moving a piano or pool table is not a cakewalk. Such items need special attention and care. In order to regret later, ask the movers and packers if they have adequate resources to make their move secure. Ask them what equipment they deploy, what extra measures they take, and if they also help in assembling these goods. 

12. Take care of electronics at your end

There are somethings that are to be taken care of at your end. Like before you move your refrigerator, you have to unplug it 48 hours before your move. Make sure that you do not buy more groceries before you move and empty your fridge timely. After finishing up all the groceries, unplug your fridge. If you do not do so, the fridge will get filled with water on the way and damage all the other boxes. 

Click the pictures of the back side of your television. You may get confused with the wires later on. 

13. Guidance from experts

Make sure that you ask your gas providers, internet service providers, and electricity board people, about things like when to shut everything off. Also, ask them if anything is needed to be returned, like cords, cable boxes etc., before you move, so that you can make the arrangements timely and get rid of the extra stress of moving. 

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