Why Would You Choose Security Bollards?


It must be confusing for you to understand the utility of the short metal stands outside public buildings or commercial buildings like that of shopping mall or even in the parking lots of certain touristic spots. However, there is nothing to get confused regarding such metal structures as they are popularly known as security bollards. These bollards act like dividers on the road. The government as well as private authorities install these structures for maintaining proper walking paths for the pedestrians. They also help in avoiding accidents due to heavy traffic congestions in the parking areas as well as on the roads. 

However, when it comes to choosing the right set of security bollards, you need to be quite careful. It depends on the requirement and the budgets that what type of bollards you need to choose. These bollards are made from plastic, metals, and concrete, and you need to choose the best one for your property. For example, you cannot move the concrete bollards from one place to another, and plastic bollards can provide such flexibility compared to concrete and metal bollards. You can also use collapsible bollards for your property. 

Different types of security bollards available in the market

As stated above, there are different types of security bollards available in the market, such as metal bollards, plastic security bollards and concrete bollards. Here you can find their advantages and disadvantages: 

  • Metal security bollards

Metal security bollards are made of steel mixed with iron, brass, and aluminium. It is known that metals are not rust resistant and one cannot use such metals at the outdoor areas. But metal bollards are coated with galvanized finishes, and they are completely rust and water resistant. These security bollards can last for years, but you need to spend a little maintenance cost on them. 

  • Plastic security bollards

Plastic bollards are made with recycled plastics, and you can find a metal or aluminium mesh inside these bollards. This metal meshes are used to add strength to these plastic bollards. Plastic bollards are available in different colours and shapes, and you can move such lightweight bollards from one place to another according to your necessities. If you are looking for some lightweight bollards to maintain the traffic of different zones within your property then you can choose such security bollards. Apart from that, plastic bollards are affordable than metal and concrete bollards.

  • Concrete security bollards

Earlier, people used to install such concrete bollards made from sand, cement, and aggregators in their properties. These are the permanent bollards, and you cannot move such heavy structures from one place to another. 

Benefits of using security bollards

Security bollards are installed in the accident-prone areas to prevent unwanted accidents because these bollards can create separate lanes for pedestrians and vehicles and manage the traffic during pick hours. 

  • You can install such bollards in the high-traffic areas to manage the traffic. Apart from that, you can keep your car safe in an open parking area by using such bollards. 
  • People also install such bollards in the secured areas and restrict unwanted vehicles. For example, people can park their car in your open parking area available in your commercial property and you cannot regulate the traffic. In this case, you can use such security bollards around your property to keep your parking space private, and you can also use such bollards to keep your building safe from collision. 

Bollards can guide the pedestrians to walk through a safe passage and it can prevent road accidents. Besides that, you can use such bollards for your events. For example, if you have an event in an open area then you can use such bollards to manage the traffic and you can make some secured zones for your high-profile guests with the same.

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