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The best bookmakers have an obligation to stay up to date on all fronts; not only in terms of product and customer service, but also technology and tools to give our players the best possible experience when placing their online betting odds Nigeria. This is why Betcris continues to grow and evolve, in search of the perfect balance to be able to satisfy our thousands of customers and followers and, in this way, be able to offer them a personalized, quality and trustworthy experience.

Betcris is a consolidated and recognized brand in the betting world; however, it is our responsibility to never stop in the process of understanding our clients and giving them what they are looking for. This is why, in recent months, we have made some significant changes in terms of our brand image, our internal and external processes and our product, always seeking to maximize our strengths, but also seeking to strengthen other areas, according to the plan. in the company’s long term. Among these efforts, the fact of being an official sponsor of the Mexican National Team stands out, as well as the hiring, in recent weeks, of the great Ronaldinho Gaúcho as a Betcris brand ambassador.

Right now a great focus of the company is on the product itself, on our sports betting platform . This is why we are working hard to have the best mobile application on the market.

If you are a customer, you already know that the Betcris application has been available for some time, both in the Apple App Store by searching for the word “Betcris”, and as a direct download from the site for Android. If you want to download it right now for Android, you can do it HERE .

What are the advantages of downloading the Betcris mobile application?

Our app offers you a better browsing experience and better accessibility. In short, it will help you find the games you want to bet more easily and you will be able to seal your predictions more quickly and efficiently. In addition, for new customers it is also a great tool, since it allows you to create your account in a faster and easier way, being able to do it, even, directly with your Facebook user.

The Betcris betting app gives you many facilities when making deposits and withdrawals; You just have to go to the “Cashier” section and there you will see all the methods available in your country. In addition, we have designed this tool so that you have the best possible navigation when making your moves. From the first entry, you will see the categorization of leagues and events, whether in sports, casino or horse racing . Once you choose the category and have the game you want to bet on, you can choose the type of play you want, add the amount to play and that’s it; no complications.

The Betcris sports app is fully customizable; this means that it adjusts to your location, tastes and preferences. The cashier will show you only the methods available in your country, you can choose the way to see the sports betting lines , in the format that you like the most, either in American and with decimals and the hours of the matches are displayed in your schedule local. In addition, we have a search engine in the application, where you can directly write the name of the team or the league that interests you to bet, something that will prevent you from having to search through all the options, if you want to play something directly; otherwise, you can navigate through the menu and see the different options available at any given time.

We continue to plan improvements for the Betcris mobile app

As we said from the beginning, it is our responsibility to keep updating ourselves and offering only the best of the best for our clients. For this reason, we are still working on some improvements that you will be able to see in the application in the coming weeks.

Very soon, you won’t need to write your card details to make transactions, but instead, with your mobile phone’s camera you will be able to “scan” the card and our application will take care of the rest.

Today’s Live Match Stream

With the new version, the new Betcris betting app will also improve the “Live Streaming” experience, or broadcasts of today’s live matches , with which you can place your bets live while enjoying the matches on our platform. Remember that Betcris offers you live broadcasts every day and from all the best leagues on the planet. In the same way, we will have the “Match Tracker” tool, with which you will be able to follow the pace of the live scores and statistics of your favorite matches.

As if that were not enough, we are working on a notable improvement of the live betting interface in the Betcris application, with which we will be able to offer you a better experience in general when betting, knowing that live bets are gambling fast and safe, and that we must offer you the possibility of being able to confirm your bets in a matter of a couple of clicks and a few seconds.

We have all this in mind and we are working on it from now on. We know that our customers deserve the best betting platform on the market and this is why we continue to seek to improve every possible detail on our site and our mobile application.

Join Betcris now and be part of the best bookmaker in Latin America! We have the best lines, the fastest payments and the best service . We will wait for you!


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