How to choose the best golf ball as a beginner?


Golf is a great sport you can play to have fun, get some exercise, and socialize. This sport makes you a part of a bigger community and gives you a chance to meet new people when you indulge in golf at clubs. However, golf may seem tricky to you when you are a beginner, but once you start getting the hang of the sport, it will become quite enjoyable. 

It can be quite intimidating when you are trying to play golf with your friends without proper training. 

You also need the proper equipment to learn and enjoy golf. You need different clubs, drivers, and balls to indulge in the sport. 

While deciding the perfect type of driver and club is easier, people often get confused when choosing suitable golf balls. You must select the best golf balls for beginners to practice and learn the sport. 

There are various brands and types that you must consider to choose the best one. 

Choose a soft feel ball.

Your swing speed determines the type of ball that is the best for you. When you have a slower speed, you need a golf ball to help you cover the maximum distance. 

With a soft feel ball, you can cover a reasonable distance even if you have not struck it properly. 

Moreover, soft golf balls perform well on most types of surfaces you might encounter on the greens. 

Check the compression rating.

While playing golf, you will have to familiarize yourself with different terms used in the sport; one such term is forgiveness.

Forgiveness means the equipment design allows the player to have room for error in golf. 

For instance, a club or a ball with higher forgiveness will perform well if your shots are inaccurate or if you make poor swings. 

As a beginner, you might struggle with hitting the ball straight, and when you play with balls with a higher degree of forgiveness, it will become easier for you to learn. 

It is advised that you choose a ball that has compression ratings below seventy. 

The cost of the ball 

You must only buy cost-effective balls as they will prove to be the best golf balls for beginners. Unless you are a pro golfer, you will not be able to tell the difference between a ball that costs five-dollar or one dollar. 

So, initially, you must opt for soft and cheap balls to practice your skills. 

The quantity

You must determine how many balls you might need for your practice sessions and leisure play. 

You must have at least ten to twenty balls in your kit to enjoy playing. 

To buy cost-effective golf balls, you must consider purchasing recycled balls or jumbo packs to take advantage of bulk savings. 

Once you have the hand of the game, you will be able to analyze your need better; you will have an exact idea of how many balls you will need for a specific course. 

So, when buying your golf equipment to assemble the kit, consider these factors to buy the best golf balls. Pay attention to the rating, cost, and softness of the ball. 


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