The effects of influencer marketing on the sports industry


Athletes and personal trainers had a lot of sways and effects on people’s opinions even before the recent rise in interest in staying active and being healthy. For decades, brands have used athletes in their marketing campaigns. The activity now takes place on social media thanks to sports influencer marketing. Brands may still work with athletes to produce shoes or apparel with their unique logos, and they may still sponsor athletes by paying for their appearances in TV and print advertisements. However, sports businesses now pay attention to more than simply professional athletes. A well-known high school basketball player or a personal trainer with a loyal following can frequently be used as brand ambassadors today. 

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Why Influencer Marketing is so Effective in The Sports Industry

According to Forbes, the US population is becoming more active, and this tendency is widespread. This is particularly true for millennials, who are reportedly the healthiest generation to date. Considerable growth in healthy living may be seen as more and more people prioritize leading healthy lives. Of course, sports and exercise play a significant role in this drive for health and wellness.

This has led to several sports firms expanding their product lines in an effort to capitalize on the current trend. We examine the factors that influence purchasing decisions as the sports industry expands and how influencer marketing may be used by sports firms to increase sales.

The sports industry: a growing and diversified market

The value of the global sports market, which increased in 2018, approached $471.3 billion. Out of this, $155.2 billion was spent on clothing, $130.5 billion on shoes, $127.2 billion on equipment, and $58.4 billion on bicycles and accessories. 56.4% of the overall sporting market was made up of spectator sports, however, they had faster growth. Sports are a sector of the worldwide recreation market, which had a valuation of almost $1,435.4 billion in 2018. Due to the COVID pandemic, these numbers decreased in 2020 to $388.3 billion, but it is anticipated that they would increase once more by 2025, reaching an estimated $599.9 billion, as stadiums reopen and fans feel more at ease going to sporting events.

Many companies are aware of this and strive to promote themselves as being a part of a healthy lifestyle. Because of this, firms are diversifying to appeal to consumers in the fitness and healthy lifestyle market. Fitness fanatics’ desire to appear nice is being catered to by cosmetics companies as well.

Influence and aspirational power

In a booming sector like the sports business, brands must work hard to stand out from the competition. The best way to accomplish this is by creating a solid social media strategy. Using blogs and social networking sites will make brands more visible online, draw in a bigger audience of customers, and eventually improve sales. The sports world has always placed a strong emphasis on identity and a sense of community. Your persona is shaped in part by the teams you support and the sports you participate in. These concepts of identity and community are influencing our brand choices more and more these days. 

Why are sports influencers effective?

In recent years, there has been a marked rise in interest in exercise and health. Sports and other forms of exercise are essential to this. While COVID has slowed things down a bit, especially lockdowns that prevent people from participating in or watching live sports, more people than ever recognize the value of being fit. Fans of athletes and fitness experts have long enjoyed following them online to learn about their most recent achievements or to pick up coaching advice. However, now that individuals are stranded at home, searching for alternate methods of exercise or simply other ways to pass the time, they are more crucial than ever.

Naturally, partnering with a well-known athlete in a sport that is relevant to your company increases your credibility with that athlete’s fans and followers if your market is sizable enough. Even if you are unable to afford a high-profile athlete, you may find many lesser-known fitness and sporting influencers who motivate their fans. How To 

Choose The Right Influencers in the Sports industry 

When it comes to sports and fitness, influencer choice is crucial. Brands must be very selective about the partners they choose since this will affect how fitness enthusiasts view them. Users that lean toward the sports and fitness specialty are also highly picky about who they follow as influencers. Influencers who cater to this area should be extremely committed and constant in their posting. Let’s examine how to select sports social media influencers.

  1. Remember the goal of your campaign.

Not all sports and fitness companies are only interested in making sales. Brands must rely on fitness influencers for a variety of reasons, including the introduction of a new product and the promotion of impending sales. Make sure you are aware of your social media campaign’s objectives and goals. This will affect the types of influencers you select as well.

  1. You should be aware of the influencer type you desire for your campaign.

Even sports and fitness influencers are divided into tiers. Depending on the size of your campaign, you can choose from mega/celebrity influencers, micro-influencers, or macro-influencers. The spectrum of their following allows for a general differentiation of the influencers. However, it is advisable to take other factors into account as well before selecting influencers who have a large number of followers alone.

  1. Before choosing, consider what the influencers are posting about.

There are many different aspects of the fitness and sports industries, beyond mere exercise. For their energy bars, organic foods, and diet foods, many firms now work with athletes and fitness celebrities. Additionally, some firms only produce athletic clothing, and others only sell shoes for particular sports. Check whether the content of the influencers in this market aligns with what your brand intends to offer or promote before collaborating with them.

  1. Examine the social media channels where your influencers’ activity is most prominent.

As crucial as creating an influencer marketing strategy is carrying it out. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of sports and fitness influencers, find out which social media channels they frequent. You will also get a sense as to the type of stuff they are proficient in from this. Additionally, you can create stronger content plans once you are aware of the platforms.

  1. Choose the method you’ll use to link the influencers to your brand.

There are many different types of influences in sports and fitness besides well-known professional athletes. Some brands connect based on a certain sport, while others use techniques related to their products. For instance, a company that sells just gym equipment should enlist influencers who are gym owners or lovers.


Nowadays, players can make an impression on the crowd without ever stepping foot on a field of play. Their impact extends far beyond the confines of the sporting sphere. Their websites, social media accounts, and other online platforms give them the chance to spread the word in efficient and practical ways. They have established themselves as role models and trendsetters. Without a doubt, sports influencer marketing may assist companies in spreading their brand message, increasing awareness, and achieving their marketing objectives. You can work with influencers to create and share high-quality content once you have identified those that speak to the proper tribe for your company.


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