NASA Mars mission: NASA mission Mars NASA’s work from home’, Indian scientist controls Mars from home

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  • NASA's ambitious Mars mission begins
  • Home control on Perseverance rover sent to Mars
  • Sanjeev Gupta, a scientist of Indian descent, controls NASA's perseverance

The work-from-home culture has taken root in many areas during the Corona epidemic. Now, one of the groups controlling the spacecraft sent directly by NASA on Tuesday is controlling NASA’s perseverance from One BHK. Several websites and media outlets in the UK have reported on this.

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The Perseverance Rover of the American Space Agency’s Mars mission has landed on the surface of Mars. With the help of the spacecraft, research is being done on whether life existed on Mars. These scientists include Sanjeev Gupta of Indian descent. Gupta, who is part of the Perseverance Rover mission, currently works for a group of rovers on Mars. Gupta is not working at NASA’s headquarters, but at his home. Gupta has rented a one BHK flat in south London. Perseverance controls the rover from this ‘flat’. Gupta is doing ‘work from home’ in this manner due to the travel ban imposed by Corona. Experts say this is probably the first time NASA has taken control of any of its missions at work from home.

When the Perseverance rover landed on the surface of Mars, Gupta thought it must be present at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in California. However, he regrets not being able to do so. Professor Gupta holds a PhD from St. Cross College, affiliated to Oxford University. He has rented a separate forest BHK so that his family would not be bothered by his work. Gupta is currently working from a small house in a small building in south London.

Gupta is not alone

Sanjeev Gupta said that he is currently working on the control of Perseverance Rover from this house; Gupta also said that more than 400 technicians are working from home for the Perseverance Rover mission.

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