Rinat Akhmetov Has Donated Over $223 Million So Far To Support Ukraine 


Rinat Akhmetov, Ukraine’s leading businessman and philanthropist, has stood as a central figure in supporting the nation through the turbulence of war. His commitment through the SCM Group, the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation, and the FC Shakhtar football club has resulted in unparalleled aid for Ukraine and its citizens, showcasing a remarkable blend of solidarity and resilience. 

The foundation of Akhmetov’s support lies in his comprehensive assistance to Ukraine’s military and the defenders of Mariupol, channeling more than 7.6 billion hryvnia (approximately $223 million) so far toward these efforts. Through the Steel Front initiative, Akhmetov has prioritized the military’s needs, providing over 25,000 helmets, nearly 6,000 drones and unmanned aerial vehicles, and 163,000 fortifications. This program not only supplies critical protective gear and technological assets, but also fosters a strategic advantage on the battlefield. 

Furthermore, the involvement of SCM Group employees in the armed forces, with over 12,000 joining and many making the ultimate sacrifice, emphasizes the personal commitment of the conglomerate’s workforce to Ukraine’s defense. This personal stake underscores a deep-rooted solidarity that transcends Akhmetov’s business interests, aligning his corporate resources directly with the national effort for sovereignty and peace.

Said Rinat Akhmetov, “The conflict that began for Ukraine and us in 2014 has escalated into a full-scale and particularly brutal war over the past two years, and it is still ongoing. This necessitates that all of us intensify our efforts toward achieving collective victory. Next year, SCM businesses and I are going to enhance our support for our Defense Forces and Ukrainian civilians.

“We will continue to aid the Ukrainian army by constructing underground shelters, producing mine sweepers, and providing essential equipment and resources for saving lives. Most importantly, we will persist in supporting the people — Ukrainian civilians affected by Russian aggression, the defenders of Mariupol who will continue to receive all the necessary support, and the veterans who have made it possible for us to live on our land, in a sovereign and independent Ukraine.” 

Humanitarian Efforts and Community Aid

Akhmetov’s humanitarian outreach is equally impressive, touching the lives of countless Ukrainian civilians affected by the war. Initiatives like the Heart of Azovstal project have been pivotal in aiding the defenders of Mariupol and their families, with plans to purchase homes for those most severely impacted. Beyond direct support to the military, the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation has been a lifeline for civilians, distributing over 700,000 units of medication and 13 million food packages since the war began.

This widespread distribution of essential supplies is critical in front-line and liberated areas, where SCM also ensures the availability of electricity and water, crucial for sustaining life amid destruction. Additionally, the commitment to rebuilding efforts, particularly through projects like Mariupol ReBorn, highlights a forward-looking approach to support Ukraine’s long-term recovery and resilience.

Through strategic military aid, humanitarian assistance, and community rebuilding projects, Akhmetov’s contributions offer a comprehensive model of how businesses and philanthropy can play a critical role in national crisis response. As the Russian aggression persists, the sustained efforts of Rinat Akhmetov and his teams are invaluable assets in the pursuit of a peaceful, sovereign, and thriving Ukraine.

The personal losses within the SCM Group, with over 12,000 employees joining the armed forces and many making the ultimate sacrifice, highlight the deep ties between Akhmetov’s enterprises and Ukraine’s defense efforts. Projects like the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation’s Museum of Civilian Voices and initiatives aimed at rebuilding war-torn regions reflect an unwavering commitment to Ukraine’s recovery and resilience. Akhmetov’s vision for a sovereign, independent, and flourishing Ukraine postwar is a testament to his dedication and belief in the nation’s future.

A Legacy of Support and Hope

The contributions of Rinat Akhmetov during Ukraine’s most challenging period transcend mere philanthropy. They symbolize a beacon of hope and solidarity for a nation grappling with the ramifications of war. Through strategic military support, expansive humanitarian aid, and unwavering commitment to community rebuilding, Akhmetov’s actions have laid the groundwork for a more resilient Ukraine. His initiatives not only address immediate needs but also envision a future where the country emerges stronger, united, and prosperous. 

As Ukraine continues to navigate the complexities of war and recovery, the legacy of Akhmetov’s contributions will be remembered as a pivotal force in the nation’s journey toward sovereignty and peace. The magnitude of his donation, surpassing $223 million, underscores a level of support both rare and profoundly impactful, offering a model for how individual commitment can drive collective progress.

“Our assistance will not diminish until peace reigns over the skies of Ukraine once again. I am confident that together, we will defeat the enemy and build a new, strong, and flourishing Ukraine,” declared Rinat Akhmetov.


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