Storm International – Results 2022


Tough times produce the best leaders! 2022 has been a really challenging year for Storm International. What has been achieved and what has been saved? The main assets of the holding are located in the European region, in particular in Ukraine. The war could not but make adjustments to the work of all branches. But through joint efforts, the company’s team proved that it is possible to work fruitfully even in difficult periods. 

The year 2022 demonstrated that always, and especially during a crisis, success requires not individual efforts, but the work of the whole team. Everything is important here – determination, non-standard approach, and the ability to work together to achieve a common goal. The desire to direct individual achievements toward the goals of the entire company always leads to results. It is these factors that helped Storm International to stay afloat and defend the position of the market leader. 

To begin with, it is worth talking about the Ukrainian segment of the brand. After the forced closure of units for an indefinite period, thanks to the coordinated efforts of the Ukrainian branch, within a few months, a decision was made to restart Shangri La, Darren Keane noted, in the luxurious Fairmont Hotel in Kyiv. The operation of several Kyiv and Kharkiv Slots City clubs was also restored. It should be noted that the restart did not affect the quality of services provided. The high standards of a reputable international brand are fully met. 

As for the Armenian branch of the holding, its team deserves the highest marks for its work in 2022. Last October, a significant event for the gambling market took place – the opening of the Shangri La casino in Yerevan. Local brand team successfully completed this difficult task and brought the unit to pre-war performance. 

Rise and flourishing – this is what can be said about the Georgian branch of Storm International in 2022. The high level of results cannot but arouse admiration and respect. It is not in vain that the complex has consistently received the highest award as the best gambling hall for several years. This award has been given to the Georgian branch for 5 consecutive years, which testifies to the stability and high quality of work. Also this year, the Georgian branch of the holding celebrated its 10th anniversary. 10 years on the market in leading roles speaks volumes. The holding is not going to stop and has announced its expansion in 2023. The main focus of development will be on providing premium services to customers. 

Strength and constancy – this is how you can characterize the operation of the German branch in 2022. Thanks to the successful work of the team, the brand’s performance has grown this year. Therefore, it was decided to expand in the new year. 

A new exciting virtual project of the brand, Shangri La, Darren Keane added, stands apart. All the difficulties of 2022 could not prevent it from showing strong growth results. The platform offers users high-quality video slots, a live casino with real croupiers, sports betting, and, of course, the best promotional offers. 

2022 can be viewed in different ways, but Storm International, thanks to its achievements and close-knit team, looks to the future with confidence and optimism.


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