TikTok ban: Pakistan banned TikTok app again for immoral content

Story Highlights
  • Tiktak banned once again in Pakistan
  • Petition of two lawyers against Tiktok; Allegedly spreading obscenity in the society
  • TickTock was banned six months ago

Chinese media app PTA launches Chinese video app TikTok Banned once again on Thursday. Earlier, two lawyers from Pakistan had run to court alleging that pornography was being spread through the app. In Pakistan about six months ago Ban on tickets Was inserted.

It was reported to PTA that immoral and obscene material was being spread through Tiktok. According to the PTA, the action was taken as per the High Court order in Peshawar. The court has ordered action on the petition filed by lawyers Nazish Muzaffar and Sara Ali.

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The company is not taking action on the instructions issued by the Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority last year. Until then, the app should be blocked, according to a petition filed by lawyers. The court said during the hearing that the video uploaded on TickTock was not accepted in Pakistani society.

Meanwhile, Tiktok has clarified its position on the issue. “We’re constantly checking the video,” Ticktock said. Accounts that post videos that violate the rules are being prosecuted. Tiktok said several accounts have been closed so far.

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