9 Ways To Promote Your Woocommerce Store


Woocommerce is the most versatile eCommerce platform used by more than 4.4 million websites around the world. For, it is open-source, secure, easy to use, and SEO-friendly has easy and effective design options, facilitates any kind of custom functionality, has integration and analytic capabilities, offers content marketing advantages, and more.

We bring you nine sure-fire ways to promote your WooCommerce store. 

1. Announce attractive discounts and offers

An infallible way to promote your WooCommerce store is to provide amazing discounts and offers that would overawe your customers and prospects. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should lose your profit. Just be creative. Cut costs on high-priced, old, excess, or slow-moving products. 

You can also announce combo offers, pre-launch offers, clearance sale offers, referral programs, the first-time user offers, minimum purchase discounts, free returns and exchanges, seasonal offers, social media offers, and flash sale offers.

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2. Take measures to reduce cart abandonment

If you observe that your customers have added items to their shopping carts but have abandoned those, take the following actions-

  • Avoid imposing hidden charges. 
  • Keep your store’s checkout process efficient and faster.
  • Offer guest checkouts without forcing prospects to create an account.
  • Provide multiple payment gateways
  • Facilitate buyers to save their cart so that they can purchase later. 
  • Display exit-intent popups.
  • Send cart abandonment emails
  • Provide coupon codes or offers to recover abandoned carts.

3. Improve your store’s user experience (UX)

The UX of your store can significantly boost online sales. Enhancing your store’s User Interface (UI) will improve your store’s UX. Here are useful tips to do this-

  • Choose a responsive UI/UX design for your store.
  • Keep the navigation clear, simple, and consistent. 
  • Make the check out fast and easy.
  • Improve your store’s visual experience.
  • Keep your store’s policies and contact info easily findable. 
  • Employ a live-chat functionality.

4. Execute upselling and cross-selling

Upselling involves encouraging buyers to buy more expensive, better quality, and/or add-on products. And cross-selling is prompting them to purchase products that are related to the products that they have already bought. Implement these to increase sales and revenue. 

  • Make data-driven suggestions. 
  • Educate your clients.
  • Pitch promotions. 
  • Offer additional services. 
  • Reward customers for their loyalty.
  • Provide bundle sales.

5. Secure your store

Here is how you can secure your WooCommerce store.

  • Choose a secure web hosting service provider
  • Secure your store with HTTPS
  • Keep your WooCommerce store updated
  • Ensure all your payment gateways are secure 
  • Use a strong user and password for your store’s administrator account
  • Back up your store regularly 

6. Send occasional notifications

Keep your customers constantly updated. Send personalized push notifications of new product launches, discounts, sales, upcoming events, etc. This keeps them coming back for more. This can also get you more traffic to your website. Make sure that you personalize your message for your recipients.

7. Have a Blog

Having a blog on your site and posting there regularly can build your community. Get professional writers to weave info together to sound interesting enough, provide value, and address their pain points. Your blog section should thus be appealing. So avoid plagiarized or trashy content. 

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8. Post videos

Oftentimes, buyers like to know more about your brand. So, create something inspiring and post on YouTube. It can be your story, your factory setting, your manufacturing practices, your values, how-to videos, or anything motivational and/or useful. This will attach them emotionally to your business and instill brand loyalty in them.

9. Run contests

Run contests, quizzes, puzzles, etc. on your website and social media. This will draw more traffic to your website. Just make it mandatory for them to sign up for a chance to participate in those. The prizes can be anything like a special product or different levels of discount. This will also act as a word-of-mouth promotion for you and take your brand to the next level. 

Wrapping up

By announcing attractive discounts and offers, taking measures to reduce cart abandonment, improving your store’s user experience, implementing upselling and cross-selling, securing your store, sending occasional notifications, creating a blog, posting videos, and running contests you can promote your WooCommerce store. This will in turn boost sales and revenue, and build brand loyalty in your customers.  

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