A Peek into the Emerging Trends in E-Commerce – Things That You Must Know Regarding Social Commerce


The e-commerce domain is successful and a promising one. And as e-commerce businesses worldwide are all set to move into the holiday season, a particular trend is triggering the online shopping scenario. This season, it seems that social commerce will have a deep impact on e-commerce sales. 

Understanding social commerce

Simply put, social commerce is the meeting point of social media and e-commerce. The brands that are getting engaged in social commerce and using their social media platforms as the tools for selling services and products. If your business depends on e-commerce sales, chances are you have already engaged in social media. But the question is – are brands leveraging the trend for their business? 

For several years, China has been ruling globally regarding social commerce. But with the advent of the pandemic outbreak, this trend also gained popularity in the U.S, where several shoppers shifted online. There are about 80 million and more social buyers across the United States going to the latest statistics. And the experts are of the opinion that the trend of social commerce would have carried on growing even without the pandemic outbreak. However, COVID-19 had speeded up its growth! 

When you try to estimate how things will shape up by 2025, it’s expected that the social commerce scenario in the United States would be close to $80 billion. And at that point, it will be slightly more than 5% of the entire country’s sales for retail e-commerce. 

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How can organizations leverage this trend?

If a company wants to make the most of this trend, it can opt-in for a growth forecast for social commerce and start making use of social media. It is essential to make sure that a company’s social commerce strategy gets customized to the brand’s requirements. Several tactics are only appropriate for online retailers. And that comprises working with the influencers, using user-generated content, and adding the customer CTAs (Calls to action) to every post. To know further, companies can also check out for assistance

Selecting the most appropriate platform

The other essential thing to consider is the correct social media platform. Today, Facebook is the biggest social media forum in the United States. And this network is estimated to draw in over 56 million buyers this year, that is 2021. And that is the reason why most companies should consider and are considering it as a contender for their social commerce activities. 

Facebook has generated a bespoke platform for several companies for medium and small-scale businesses. In 2020, Facebook Shops got launched small businesses amidst the pandemic. And using this tool, companies have the option of bringing their shopfront online without any charge. Hence, if companies are planning to make social commerce and e-commerce a part of their strategy, it’s a tool to consider. 

On the other hand, Instagram got linked with the cult of influencers! And despite of drawing in lesser users in comparison to Facebook, if the influencer marketing is increasing awareness for the brand, then this social media platform should be the tool used for social commerce. This social media platform provides ample tools for enabling sales. And for several years, companies have been urging their potential consumers to click on their bio to connect to their online store. It’s a smart strategy that allows sales. However, in recent times, Instagram went ahead with its latest launch, Instagram Checkout to simplify buying. There is also a shop tab here. It enables the users to visit and buy in the single-click products advertised by influencers, people, and the brands they follow. 

The case of TikTok

TikTok happens to be a new addition to the realm of social media platforms. And within the three years that this platform came into existence, it hasn’t just expanded exponentially, but it has also benefitted the organizations through the user-generated content, which even resulted in “customer mania”. Today, certain TikTok users have also developed a massive follower base purely because of their capacity to sell a wide range of products. And as a result, Amazon, which is a popular e-commerce giant introduced a column in its website sharing products that got viral. And TikTok was quick to identify the forum’s potential as a facilitator for e-commerce and has come up with TikTok Shopping to provide its sellers a vast number of solutions. 

The path ahead

Social commerce and social media marketing are essential strategies for driving your eCommerce successfully. And since, the holiday season is all set to arrive, it’s best to take a dip into this trend. While preparing shopping messages and posts, brands need to recall the social media success for developing connections between individuals. Sales conversion is an essential tool of success. However, it is equally essential to consider engagement through commenting, sharing, and communicating with posts. 

Brands need to pay close attention to the voice tone with which you are interacting with the consumers. And today, TikTok is known for its informal tone which results in sales success. TikTok has adopted a tone that is spontaneous. It seems that the brand is providing trustworthy suggestions from people you know instead of sponsored and corporate messages. 

E-commerce and online retail are constantly evolving and with new updates. And while the online shopping statistics have evolved all through the board, owing to the pandemic outbreak, there are certain products that online shoppers always love. And if your organizations function in cosmetics, apparel, customer electronics, accessories, and home decor, then social commerce should be a priority. Other domains also leverage social commerce to make a mark in the global market. 

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Last but not least, investing in social commerce activities for a wide range of products will enable a business to maximize sales and connect with the consumers directly. It’s one of the ideal ways to boost revenue and develop a long-term customer association. Hence, learning the ways to get connected effectively is essential in today’s world. 


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