Beginner’s Guide to Get a Power BI Certification 


If your target is to enter the IT industry, given the crazy competition, only credible certifications will help you achieve good results. Business Intelligence is a popular study option with many corporations looking for individuals with Power BI certification. There is a significant demand for talent in this field. However, only a few institutes offer bi programs and courses; Microsoft offers various in-demand courses that seamlessly get you a job. You will learn new and advanced skills with Microsoft Power BI certification. 

What is Business Intelligence?

BI stands for Business Intelligence, and this tool helps all the users that are not familiar with technology the resources they need to aggregate, visualize, analyze and share data. Among the business intelligence world, Power BI is considered one of the best tools available and accessible in the industry today.

Power BI is typically a group of software apps, services, and connectors that work jointly to turn unrelated data sources into Microsoft’s visually immersive and interactive insights. The tools examine and analyze the relevant information and then use charts, reports, graphs, summaries, maps, and dashboards to help users access accurate findings and informative intelligence regarding the company’s state. 

Microsoft courses are easy to master, and they train you to get familiar with such tools. They also help you meet your goals quickly, gain confidence and provide advanced skills. In conclusion, BI uses tools such as Power BI to take raw information and turn it into smart planned data and actions that are advantageous for a business on several levels.

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How Can a Beginner Get Power BI Certification?

Power BI certification allows data analysts, scientists, and other technologists to dig into datasets for critical understanding. To get the Microsoft Power BI certification, you must take the DA-100 Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI course and pass the exam. This course reviews several ways and practices in line with business and technical demands for data modelling, visualizing, and analysis with Power BI. This Power BI course will also:

  • Show how you can access and process data from various data sources, including relational and non-relational data. 
  • Explore how to implement proper security standards and policies across the Power BI scale, including datasets and groups works. 
  • Argue how you can control and deploy reports and dashboards to share and distribute content.
  • It will show how you can build numbered reports within the Power BI service and publish them to a workspace for inclusion within Power BI.

After completing the course, you must clear the exam DA-100 Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI. There are various training courses that several online learning institutions offer, preparing you for the examination. Also, taking practice tests is the best way to ensure you’re ready for your exam. 

The Power BI certification cost is cost-effective. It is around INR 11,000-12,000. The exam mainly focuses on knowing how to prepare, model, visualize, and analyze the required data and maintain and deploy the deliverables.

Is it Worth Getting a Power BI Certification?

Getting a Power BI certification is worth it as the number of jobs demanding Power BI skills is increasing day by day. It will increase around thirty percent over the next decade. Benefits of getting Power BI certification:

  • High income: The average salary for jobs involving Power BI skills is currently $80,000 per annum. Better qualifications and credibility with the right amount of experience will get you the opportunity to negotiate a higher income.
  • Getting a certification will unlock more jobs for you that require Power BI skills. It will open new career doors for you, and it will also help you impress potential employers at top companies. You will stand out from the crowd of job seekers.
  • The course you will go through to attain a Microsoft certification will provide you with the latest updated skills and knowledge. 

Apart from these benefits, you will achieve the personal satisfaction you get from professional achievements, which no amount of money and respect will be able to beat. You will be able to boost your self-confidence and pursue your goals.

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As data has become an integral part of any business, certified Power BI professionals are in high demand. Individuals who have completed BI certification courses will be able to help the enterprises learn about their processes, reasons for poor performance, predict future trends, etc. With Power BI training, a person can learn about the best practices and popular BI tools from several recognized organizations such as Microsoft and many more.

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