Creative writing involves all those types of writing that go outside the leaps of the academic, professional or any other practical types of literature, specifically known by the importance on the upbringing of the character, crafts of the narrator utilization of literacy analogies or with different traditions of poetic cultures. To a lot of extent, it is possible to write such featured stories so as they can be considered as creative writing even though they fall under journalism because the content of features is specifically focused on narrative and character development. 


  •  Read everything you can find!

Let’s start with the conspicuous one! Read more and more. Just read any stuff that you find around your house from old storybooks to comic books. While reading this stuff, give focus to the type of catchy words that the writer uses, use of metaphors, adjectives, characters, the storyline, the gist of the story etc. If you come across a word whose meaning you are unable to understand always keep a dictionary to find its meaning and then practice using it in a sentence to increase a better understanding of that word.

  •  Find inspiration in everyday things.

The world around you is loaded with exciting events. Go for a walk and ask yourself questions, such as  What is that dog eating? Why are those people fighting? Write a summary of something that is happening on a show in television, movie or a web series you just completed watching. Write about everything and anything you see, hear, smell or feel! You’ll be amazed at what comes up in your brain.

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  • Use writing prompts to inspire you.

There are plenty of materials on the internet that can inspire you, in storybooks, novels and any other sorces you find around. 

  • Criticise the work of others.

When reading a book, try to identify the blemishes in that story and list things that can be improved. Also, jot down the best parts of that story, what did you enjoy while reading that book? This can help you to understand the components of a wonderful story and what to refrain from when writing.  This way you’ll be able to expertise the essentials of great creative writing like a master!

  • Keep a journal and write something in it every day.

Even if you think your life is not at all interesting and nothing interesting ever happens in it. You can jot down your goals and inspirations. Something is always better than nothing! You never know One day you’ll look back at these notes and they’ll inspire you to write an amazing story.

  • Play imaginative games.

Games such as cops and robbers or make as if to be a character from your favourite TV show or movie can be really inspirational. You can use our printable Red Riding Hood paper finger puppets to role-play the story of Red Riding Hood! Connect an activity of writing with these games, such as write a day in the life story for a character you are playing or send an imaginary letter to your favourite character in the story.

7.  Rewrite a famous story.

Sometimes fabricating new characters or a storyline from scratch can be difficult. To improve your creative writing skills you can take a well-known story, such as Snow White or any other fairy tale and change it slightly, so it has a different ending or comes from a different character’s point of view.


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