Envoy Vs Qtrak: Which One Is Better?


Mailroom management has become a necessity in 2021. According to Statista, the global parcel and courier market doubled in size between 2009 and 2019. It is also expected to be worth approximately 375 billion US dollars in 2020. That means people are ordering and receiving a lot of packages!

Due to this, mailrooms are always overflowing. They have become almost impossible to be managed manually. With manual mailroom management, comes problems like misplaced packages, late deliveries and overstuffed mailrooms. 

That’s why mailroom managers have chosen to automate the way they process mail. This is where mailroom management software comes in. With innovative features, mailroom management solutions streamline all your inbound and outbound mail and increase efficiency.

However, the market is populated with various digital mailrooms. So, which one is the right choice for your company? Following is a complete comparison of two of the best mailroom solutions on the market right now to help you choose!

Envoy Deliveries

Envoy Deliveries is a smart package management solution that quickly scans all incoming mail. It then, notifies recipients in an instant and saves the mailroom team time and prevents package buildup. 

To use Envoy, all users have to do is take a photo of the shipping label. Envoy will automatically detect the recipient and alert them of their incoming package. 


QTrak is also an extremely efficient mailroom management software. It can convert any IOS or Android device into a well-functioning scanner. Moreover, it uses the user’s cellular connection to transfer all the package tracking information to their cloud database in real-time. 

Additionally, to ensure that the package is landing on the right doorstep, QTrak also stores the recipient’s signature in digital form. 


Envoy Vs QTrak: Which One Is Better?

While both are excellent mailroom solutions, they are not without their pros and cons. Here is a thorough breakdown of the perks and falls of each of the software.

Customer Service

QTrak boasts a 4.3 overall rating on G2 with a total of 53 reviews. On the other hand, Envoy Deliveries has up to a 4.0 overall rating with around 17 reviews. Judging on these numbers alone, QTrak seems to be the popular choice among users. 

However, Envoy Deliveries has multiple reviews praising the company for its quick and friendly customer service whereas QTrak does not. Users have also complained about QTrak’s lack of newer updates and claim that it’s not very interactive. 

Envoy boasts a user rating of 9.0 as compared to QTrak’s 8.3 on G2 in terms of quality of support. This is why, as far as customer service goes, Envoy Deliveries seems like a better option.


QTrak has a reputation for being user friendly and easier to install. It’s a simpler solution than Envoy. Customers have complained about Envoy being a bit confusing for first-time users. Especially because there’s a tonne of information users need to put in before checking out. 

In terms of ease of setup, Envoy has an overall user rating of 8.3 on G2 compared to QTrak’s 8.4. Here, QTrak is the winner.


Envoy offers a basic plan that is completely free. This makes Envoy the cheaper mailroom management option for businesses that are just starting out. Especially, for those offices that receive less than 100 deliveries per month.

On the other hand, while QTrak does offer a 30 Day free trial to customers, it does not have a totally free plan. That makes Envoy the less expensive option for small businesses.


In terms of ease of use, some users have complained about the QTrak app lagging at times. Similarly, customers have also reported a few seconds delay in scanning as the camera takes time to focus on the labels. 

Moreover, there have also been complaints about the app making IPads slower to work with. Glitches and app freezes are not uncommon with QTrak.

On the other hand, while Envoy Deliveries has been reported to crash on peak times on occasion, it usually doesn’t come with any lagging problems or glitches. Overall, Envoy Deliveries is easy to use and has smooth functionality.

Envoy has up to an 8.8 G2 rating in terms of ease of use which is more than QTrak’s 8.6. As far as ease of use is concerned, Envoy Deliveries seems like the better option. 

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Both applications come with their own sets of pros and cons. There is no one solution fits all scenario. When deciding to opt for a package management solution, it is important for companies to thoroughly conduct a cost-benefit analysis beforehand. 

Different businesses have different mailroom management priorities. Small businesses might want to opt for Envoy Deliveries and their free basic plan while large organizations might give QTrak’s 30-day free trial a chance.

Overall though, Envoy Deliveries is easier to use, has better customer service and offers a free plan. On the other hand, QTrak is easy to set up and install. Depending on priorities, customers can go with either option.

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