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While returning home after work, I saw a banner at the signal about some brand telling about their women’s day offer. As the signal turned green I just reached half the way and almost forgot the text I read on the banner. The same thing was being played at the billboard about the same offer and it caught my attention.

What I experienced was the power of video over text. Many of the brands are exploring the world of video marketing. The importance and need for video marketing are increasing at a fast pace.

It’s 2022 and almost everyone wants to watch and listen to things rather than read. The pandemic era has taught us the importance of being present on a digital platform. The internet is full of amazing video content. If you haven’t stepped into the world of video marketing, now is the time.

Why does your business need video marketing?

The majority of information that is transmitted to our brain is based on what we see. Visuals have always been helpful in making things clear. As a business person, your main goal should be to leave an impression of your product on your customer’s mind. It also helps in increasing the reach of your product and gives customers the right knowledge of what your business has to offer.

Some exciting ideas to market your products through video marketing?

  • Unboxing Videos
  • Launch your new product
  • Storytelling
  • Keep The Hook Catchy
  • Tell them what NOT to do

1. Unboxing Videos

To make your customers trust you and your products this is the best content for your video. What’s the best way to show your customers what you have to offer them? Asking your existing customers to share their unboxing videos of the product will work like magic, as the C2C thing always works. People trust other people who buy a similar product. Including these videos as your business video will work as something original that only a few people do. 

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2. Launch your new product

It is very exciting for any customer to witness a product launch. You must have seen “Apple” always, making a big deal of launching a new product. This is called customer engagement. People are always interested in knowing what new your company is doing and what new you have to offer. This is a strong tool to increase the market of your product.  

3. Storytelling

These days storytelling is not only done for entertainment but also used as a marketing tool. People easily connect with stories and that’s what drives them to rely on a particular brand. This is practiced by many brands by creating a character that becomes the face of the business. The storyline for the brand should revolve around the journey of characters having the same problems as your target audience. And it should show how your product can help them solve this issue. This is ultimately going to help your audience to connect with your video.

4. Keep The Hook Catchy

A video hook is something which grabs the attention of your viewers and compels them to continue watching the video. The hook happens in the first five-eight seconds of the video. If your video is unable to hold the customer’s attention in the first few seconds, they will ultimately leave without watching it till the end. So keep the start as catchy as possible. Something you must remember is that your video should be fascinating enough to keep the viewers hooked.

5. Tell them what NOT to do

Everyone shows what to do, how to use their product, and so on. But what they don’t show is what not to do when they purchase your product. The sole purpose should not be to make sales but is to make sure that your customer is happy with your product and come again. Because if a person has no knowledge of how to use a product it will ultimately make the customer have second thoughts about the quality of the product. Make educational and how to use your product videos as they will help your customer understand about your product. 

Benefits of Video Marketing

  • Builds Trust
  • Great Explainer
  • Brand Awareness
  • Revenue

1. Building Trust

Video marketing can help you build a trustworthy relationship with your customers. The reason is simple when your video shows how your product can satisfy the customer and how it can solve their problems. It means you value your customers and how well you know them and their problems. This way you act as a bridge between the customer’s problems and the solution to problems.

2. Great Explainer

When you buy something with the directions to use printed on the box. The majority of the people cannot understand and the next thing they do is to search it on YouTube. This example shows the reliability and trust of video. 

With video, you get an opportunity to give a proper explanation of your product. This way video marketing proves to be a great explainer. Still creating a good explainer video is never easy. If you don’t have an in-house production team, you hire a good Explainer video production company to get great results.

3. Brand Awareness

The case of video marketing is totally different from the traditional form of marketing. Videos can be shared and make you reach the whole world while sitting in a corner. It helps in spreading your brand’s information to the whole world. A video is a great tool to increase online customers, build customer relationships, transparency, etc. It helps in making your business noticed online by prospective customers.

4. Revenue

Another important benefit of video marketing is that it helps to increase your revenue. The expansion of videos increases sales and when sales increase it automatically grows your revenue.

Why is video marketing successful?

You must have heard the saying “a picture can tell a thousand words.” Just think of how a video can do wonders. To cut a long story short, video marketing helps in making and spreading your business on multiple platforms. The basic motive behind video marketing is to convert the prospect customers into potential customers, increase traffic, educate customers about your products/services, grow revenue, etc.

To sum up

Video marketing helps your business grow and keeps you updated. From expanding the reach to raising brand awareness it has N number of benefits that we already explained in this blog. To reach more and more people, and to showcase the features of your products and services, video marketing is very helpful. 

Video marketing is a great tool to give a loud and clear message to your target audience as to what your business has to offer using catchy content, creative videos, and adding a touch of fun. When you see anything you can directly connect to the essence of the video content.

Video marketing also educates your customers and compels them to buy your product. It is not rocket science. All you have to do is to gather your thoughts and create a catchy script with the lights, camera, action… and here you go. You are good to go to launch your business video. 

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