5 Types of YouTube Video Content Ideas Without Showing Your Face


Do you know that around 30 million people visit YouTube to watch over one billion hours of content across more than 38 million channels? The numbers speak for themselves. No wonder some of the content creators have become celebrities. They have a huge fan following; they earn good and, most importantly, express themselves and connect to the world every day. Do you have a talent you want to showcase but are too shy to face the camera? Don’t worry; you are not alone; many know how to make a YouTube video but are reluctant to start a YouTube channel.

Many people don’t want to make themselves public due to security reasons. Revealing your identity on the internet has its share of disadvantages, such as online harassment, theft, and stalking. The good news, it is not necessary to face a camera for becoming a successful video content creator on YouTube. There are plenty of successful faceless channels on YouTube.

We all agree that the internet can be brutal. Hence, hiding your identity gives you security and peace of mind. You can become a faceless YouTuber by hiding your identity yet being extremely popular and successful. The key to creating effective YouTube content is to stick to US copyright rules. The US copyright framework allows copyright-protected audio, video, and images under the legal ‘Fair Use Doctrine. Before starting your YouTube journey, you must understand the US copyright laws and learn all you can include in your video without getting a copyright strike.

Below are five types of video content ideas that will clear all your doubts and give you that little dose of motivation you want to start your YouTube channel.

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1. Talk Centered Videos

You may have seen YouTube videos that discuss hot topics around politics, celebrity gossip, or anything on earth which is the point of discussion. These talk-centered videos are easy to make, don’t require much setup, and quickly get relevant topics almost every day. Most importantly, you don’t need to show your face.

You may check out Spill Sesh, a YouTube and celebrity gossip channel with more than 6 million followers. The channel doesn’t reveal the owner’s identity. It uses clips and videos of other famous YouTubers and celebrities and a voice commentary. Suppose you love discussing the latest happenings all around the world. You can tap on this niche.

2. Tutorials Videos

One of the most searched videos on YouTube is “How-to Videos.” People love to search for easy step-by-step tutorials that solve their problems. Try typing “How to make YouTube Video,” and you will see a series of videos. There’s a vast scope for tutorial videos; you can pick skills like cooking, gardening, painting, educational videos.

Making YouTube videos is to solve the users’ queries or entertain them. A tutorial channel can do both. How about making interesting animated tutorials where you don’t show your face and talk about the content. HowToBasic is one of the most popular faceless YouTube channels with almost 17 million subscribers. The channel posts quick 3 to 5 minutes videos about basically anything. A few examples are – how to make a vegan turkey? Or how to feed a baby and so on.

3. Travel Vlogs

You might think, how can I make travel vlogs without coming in front of the camera? But it is possible. Many travel vloggers end up showing their faces more than the place they visit. It may not be enjoyable for some viewers. We already have so much noise on the internet. How about making travel vlogs, perhaps in slow-motion, and adding relevant captions.

The attention span of users while watching YouTube is double that of watching television. People who love no-nonsense, aesthetically made content would love truly informative travel vlogs. If you love being behind the camera and ready to edit the content, you can try this genre.

4. Audio-Only and Podcasts

It may be surprising if someone tells you that you don’t need a video to create a YouTube video. However, it is true. Many successful channels on YouTube don’t have video and rely on audio-only content. Podcasts are becoming popular every day. And the best thing about recording podcasts is that you can stream them on audio and video streaming platforms. Who would complain? The more platforms, the wider your reach.

Apart from podcasts, you can create guided meditation, audiobooks, storytelling content, or music. As per studies, around 20% of searches on YouTube are about music. If you are a musician, you can create your music or cover songs on your channel.

Audio-only YouTube content is excellent if you don’t have video editing skills and wish to remain anonymous. You can simply use a relevant picture, add the audio content, and upload and publish on your channel.

5. Gaming or Live Commentary

Gaming videos have a massive following on YouTube. Guess what? You can start a gaming channel by remaining anonymous. As long as you can entertain people with your content, you can become a successful YouTuber. One such channel goes by “H2ODelirious” The channel has more than 13 million followers. It posts funny moments of online games.

You play online games with your friends and post the clips and real-time audio or add a funny commentary on your channel – isn’t making YouTube content a child’s play. If you like doing live commentary, you can start a YouTube channel that streams live pieces of famous events in your unique style. There are places where live TV telecasts may not be available, and people can still enjoy the updates by visiting your channel on Youtube.

Wrapping Up

One can create YouTube videos without video editing skills or coming in front of a camera to show their face. Ignoring your potential and not giving yourself a chance to grow on YouTube is no less than a crime. If you have been thinking about starting a channel and procrastinating just because you don’t like showing your face, it’s high time you begin your YouTuber journey. You can choose the type of videos that allows you to remain anonymous yet provide high-quality, engaging content.

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