Here’s How to Choose the Right Stream in College 


One of the most critical decisions a student must make is which stream to pursue. Are you wondering how and where to spend the next three or four years of your life? The choice of the right stream helps you deepen your interest and strengthen your skills but how do you find the right stream for you?

The decisions a student makes after passing the 12th grade about choosing the right stream requires – a comprehensive review of all decision-making variables and considering the pros and cons of various streams, as this is the initial step in one’s professional career!

Every stream deals with a distinct area of knowledge and work. Science is associated with technical advancement; commerce with trade and business, and humanities or arts with comprehending human behaviour and civilization. But how do you know your interest? This article is to help you get thorough with all the detailed parameters that could save you from the impromptu decision making process about choosing the right stream.

5 Techniques to Incorporate While Selecting the Right Stream

1. Research

Get on to the internet. It can help you get basic foundational knowledge about any stream you want to know about in addition to the scope ahead in that stream. You can read blog articles, biographies, or watch videos like a day in the life of a dietician, cabin crew and so on. Mentoria has many such videos that can give you insight into the nature of the job and even the path to pursue it.

2. Sample Work – Discover Interest

This is quite an initial part; it could be done both in your 12th or graduation level. It is to get in-hand industry experience with few volunteer work, internships, or get a record of the time you enjoyed managing or working on any project. This will help you relate better with if that course provides you knowledge or a way towards your career orientation or not.     

3. Self Assessment – IKAGI

A trending concept but also a thousand years back proven ideology. The concept talks about finding a purpose in your life. It is something that has a balanced amount of passion (What you love), Mission (What the world needs), Vocation (What you can be paid for), and Profession (what you are good at). So once you have your research in place and internship experience, it becomes easy for you to find that one purpose of your dream job. In other words, automatically the stream that could lead to it. Remember seeking certified career expert advice is also the best way out. Career counselling platforms such as Mentoria offer a comprehensive and holistic way of letting you understand and make career decisions based on your strength and abilities.

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4. Feedback 

Play a game around, ask your friends, teachers or any guardian as to what they consider your top skills. It could be explanation, communication, leadership, writing, problem-solving, financial or marketing abilities. Now analyze these skills as to what interests you and move ahead with them.

The desire to improve, follow a particular stream, and the professional options associated with it, is fueled by interest. If one is interested in a particular profession or area, learning and pursuing a vocation will never feel burdensome or dull, and you will develop a strong desire to learn more about it.

5. Career Counsellors/Webinars

Career fairs, webinars, interviews should never be missed especially by students who are looking to gain clarity. These programs have university representatives who answer every question that crops in your mind and would also suggest universities and courses best suited for you. Having said that, you meet a lot of alumni/leaders who speak about their journey to help you get inspired and widen your horizon.

Students should evaluate their strengths and weaknesses to determine which career path or stream would be more lucrative for them to pursue. Students benefit much from strength disciplines in the long run, as they help in obtaining outstanding achievement in that field. However, a few things that any student should keep in mind before selecting the course or stream are as follows:-

Points to Consider While Selecting the Stream

  • A limited view of professional alternatives may prohibit you from deciding on the appropriate stream and career for you. It’s understandable if you only know about a few professions from what you have heard around you until this point. That is why it is critical to take charge of your education and discover as many career alternatives as possible (there are 12000+).
  • Don’t be too focused on your accomplishment that you lose sight of your goals. Instead of accepting others’ views as your own, discover how YOU define success. Also, there are multiple paths to the same type of success; you must determine which one works best for you.
  • Your parents may not always be able to guide you in the proper direction. Even though they have your best interests at heart, parents may lack awareness, so it’s important to get advice from someone objective and educated (like a counsellor).
  • Focus on what makes you happy rather than what makes others happy. Instead of pursuing your passions, you became fuel for her parents’ fantasies. Remember IKIGAI and take a step towards your goal.
  • Value and nurture your exceptional talents, as it will help you stand out from the crowd. Never underestimate the power of your magic.
  • Concentrate on your own happiness rather than the happiness of others. 
  • No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to force your interests or abilities. Hard labour and efforts are vital, but when directed in the proper direction, they bring more fruit.
  • It is not necessary to choose difficult tasks; great things are not necessarily accomplished through a grind. The best solutions are sometimes right in front of us, but we overlook them.
  • Don’t undervalue the power of assistance and direction from the right career experts. With the help of a professional perspective, you can accomplish a lot better.

Final Verdict

Every stream has a variety of varied and fascinating job options. Many students end up taking courses related to separate streams or a combination of the two, such as a bachelor’s degree in engineering and then a master’s degree in management or physical education for better employment chances and to develop a variety of skills. This is not an issue until you justify your skills, bring results to the table and show up every day. 

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