4 Best Hot and Sexy Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series To Enjoy Alone


Aayushi Jaiswal is a stunning actress who is best known for works in fantasy and bold web series. She has already done dozens of web series for different OTT platforms. Let us check out some of her most popular Aayushi Jaiswal web series-

Hot and Sexy Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series

1. Badan

Badan is the latest offering on the ULLU app and its trailer has its fans gasping and panting for more. The trailer has been widely flashed on social media and YouTube. The serial features Ayushi Jaiswaal Ashraf Ahmed, Vishes Gupta, Jaydeep Kalsi.

The story revolves around the extramarital affair between a young boy and a married girl. The escapades of the boy and girl continue until the boy finds that he is involved with a married girl and all the complications start.

2. Lady Finger

Another treat from ULLU app, after the grand success of web series Matki, Shahad, Tapan, Walkman, the OTT platform offers Lady Finger web series. The series also stars one of the most stunning actresses of OTT platforms- Aayushi Jaiswaal along with Mahi Kaur and Pallavi Debnath.

The story of Ladyfinger is about an adulterous husband and wife with the husband getting closer to his paramour and later the wife comes to know about it. Does the wife forgive her husband or punish him ? watch Ladyfinger to know more about it.

3. Charamsukh Kamar Ki Naap

Another web series on the ULLU OTT platform, Kamar Ki Naap features Aayushi Jaiswal along with Sharanya Jeet Kaur,  Virendra Raj Singh, Anita Maurya and others.

The story line of the series Kamar Ki Naap is fresh and explores lesbianism and how the common man reacts to it. A newlywed bride tries her best to learn tailoring but in vain. She is then sent by her husband to Chinki , a seamstress to learn the art. She instead learns about her sexuality and another aspect of her personality.

4. Fantasy Call Hotspot

Fantasy Call Hotspot is another riveting and hot web series from the ULLU OTT platform and this time viewers are in for a fresh new story and a new webcast. The web series features beautiful actress Aayushi Jaiswal along with Varun Sharma and Gaurav Raj.

The story about young guys are hooked into unwanted tragedy because of flights of fantasy is the gist of the story. However there is a twist –the husband is also a willing accomplice in this venture of trapping the young man.


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