4 Hot Khushi Mukherjee Web Series that you can binge-watch this weekend


Famous bold actress Khushi Mukherjee is best known for her sensual performance and seductive onscreen persona. Listed below are some of the best Khushi Mukherjee web series that you need to watch right now. Keep scrolling- 

Khushi Mukherjee Web Series Overview

Web Series NameCast
DevikaAayushi Jaiswal, Khushi Mukherjee
NadaanKhushi Mukherjee, Ashraf Saifee, Aishwarya Agarwal
FatherhoodKhushi Mukherjee, Ashmit Patel, Alam Khan
NoorieKhushi Mukherjee, Bonny D’sou

Best Khushi Mukherjee Web Series

1. Devika

Khushi Mukherjee

The storyline is quite unique and engaging. It shows a social worker Devika and her daughter played by Aayushi Jaisawal. Soon their life takes a drastic turn when local goons force her to marry their boss.

Soon, the story takes one more twist when her husband’s father marries her daughter. Well, the plotline looks interesting if you find it worthwhile then you can watch the web series on the Hunters App. 

The cast of the web series- Aayushi Jaiswal, Khushi Mukherjee 

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2. Nadaan

Khushi Mukherjee

The story is quite unique and based on sexual fantasies. It revolves around a couple whose husband is blind. But both are well-educated and desperately want to have a family. After 5 years they are unable to conceive.

One day a college student comes to their home and instantly finds the professor’s wife beautiful at the same time a girl is sexually attracted towards the professor. Watch the web series to know what happens next. 

The cast of the web series- Khushi Mukherjee, Ashraf Saifee and Aishwarya Agarwal 

3. Fatherhood

Khushi Mukherjee Web Series

The web series shows a lazy person. His father knows about this and decides to hire a young dedicated girl who can take guardianship of him. The girl is beautiful and the son starts to get attracted towards her. Soon love starts to blossom between them.

Meanwhile, the father also starts to like the girl. The romance turns into a love triangle between a father, son and the girl. The web series is enticing love-making scenes that will leave you speechless. 

The cast of the web series- Khushi Mukherjee, Ashmit Patel and Alam Khan 

4. Noorie

Best Khushi Mukherjee Web Series

Noorie is a female prostitute who in search of a customer meets Ravi. Soon they love to spend time with each other and love starts to blossom. One day Ravi gathers all the courage and asks her for commitment.

As she was a prostitute she had her own issues and found it hard to trust men. She spent most of her life in pain and sadness but Ravi convinces her that with him she can have a fairytale ending. Watch the web series to know what happens next. 

The cast of the web series- Khushi Mukherjee and Bonny D’sou.

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