The Best Way to Look and Feel Like a Celebrity


Being a big shot isn’t easy. That needs lots of scuffles, strengths, and, above all, connections. Ah, it isn’t easy looking like one either. That’s so crazy, but you need to hold off all your daily errands and start preparing… because it requires much.

However, if you want to look like one to get the most followers on Instagram or simply want to seek attention, we got you. And we think we can help you with that. READ ON!

Given that it requires a fresh start or an entire revamp of yourself, it may drop your financials – costly it is. On the other hand, if you do so, you can live up to your dream life and stun others with celeb glitz.

So, without further ado, let’s begin highlighting those crucial pieces of advice from the ones who have worked with celebs and know their glamming secrets. Here they are:

Top No-fail Tips to Look Like a Celebrity

Start With Good SKIN

First and foremost, younger-looking skin is key. Have you ever wondered why they (celebs) always strike us as the best-looking? Because they care for their skin. Celebrities always use natural and organic products to fend off wrinkles and skin cracks.

If you want to set your path to having beautiful-looking skin, set an appointment with a famous dermatologist and nutritionist to have daily skin care products along with a healthy diet. Most celebrities carry out this sort of lifestyle to look dashing on TV as well as in real-life.

Gotta Have Clean TEETH

We love it when celebrities talk. What’s the reason behind it? Shiny and tidy teeth – DUH! A nice team of teeth can help you make your mouth all attractive. As a result, whatever idiotism you utter, the viewer will find it either smart, humorous, or cute.

What’s your next stop? Dentist Clinic! For a pretty smile and a subtle dash of glam when you talk, visit your dentist every two months. Flaunt pearly white teeth in your snaps and get oodles of likes and shares.

Shine Up Your HAIR

People who tend to care for their hair look drop-dead striking – celebrities alike. Hair brings out the best of allure in an individual. The last time I checked, hair has been among the very top reasons for brawling talents to become celebrities, although other elements such as personality and looks are also screen- and camera-tested.

Hence, make your appointments more often with your hairdresser and maintain your hair glossiness. On the bright side, not only you’ll impress your spectators but yourself as well. Use good hair products and brushes to sustain good-looking hair – and “WOW” Yourself and others!

Repair Defects – PLASTIC SURGERY

Whether or not you know this, many celebrities had noses-, lips-, eyes-, brows-, chins-, and whatnot -jobs from famous surgeons to look breath-taking. However, if you can afford it, fix your face’s failing features and look outright star in your photos.

Make your face worthy of snaps (24/7). One way to do so, contact a famous surgeon and get it done – have a prettier face. Elevate your face cuts and inside prettiness for ultimate allure – inside beauty counts.

Avoid Traditional Wear

To come to think of it, typical things make you identical to the crowd. In all fairness, the celebrity zone pleads for thinking “out of the box” – leaning into innovative fashion. At times, you need to anchor outrageously high-priced and unique garments to look like a celebrity.

Dig statement pieces such as sunglasses, cardigans, shoes, and belts. Sport on women’s rhinestone belt /men’s rhinestone belt to look arty, west-like, and, most of all, stand out. Either anchor a kind of this belt around your pants’ loop holes or wrap it straight around your maxi or loose dress to make an extraordinary or celebrity-like style statement.


Nothing sets your celebrity flair more on than Confidence! That’s right, either you have it or not, fake it – eventually, it’ll come around. Exuding self-love and Confidence can make you feel and look like a celebrity – out-and-out. Liked celebrities are well-known for their easy tone and modesty to others – patronizing talks and behaviors won’t help in this endeavor.

There! You need to keep your chin up and mean whatever comes out of your mouth to be idolized. Have Confidence and good judgment, no matter what. Perhaps those attributes can help you become a fine celebrity alike individual and which sets you apart from the rest.

Fill Up Your Social Accounts

Aside from literarily following celebs – act like them. What I mean is to make your social media accounts look like them. Take an exorbitant number of awe-inspiring pics and upload them daily. This way, you can gain more followers and become a social celeb seamlessly.

Turn your stories catchy and show them (your followers) that you’re no less than a big shot who endeavors near-impossible. By that, I don’t mean jumping off a jet plane but instead uploading meaningful stories to depict classiness and quirkiness. Show what you stand for – talk about global issues, support other celeb campaigns, reveal your diet plans and gym routines, upload famous site-seeing stories, and more. Be creative – that counts, too!

Make Them Guessing

You don’t have to reveal everything about your life in your social media snaps and stories. Have them guessing about your dating boo-thang and post pictures with them without revealing their faces. It’s a matter of time, and eventually, they’ll be clung to your top-secret life.

One more way to fuel their knickknacks is to post amazing snaps with delicious dishes, brand statement pieces, and sought-after events. Voila! They’ll be curious enough to know about those things you posted earlier. Reveal them in comments after a day or two, or you can reveal them in future stories or live sessions.

Have A Great Celeb Like Life!

It’s simple, you guys! One of the easiest ways to do so is – Fake it until you make it! Perhaps having this approach can easily tip the scales in your favor of being a celebrity without any hassle. Follow the aforementioned proven tips discussed above and be a big shot – just like you dreamed!


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