What To Do With All That Money!


We all dream of striking it rich. That is one of the reasons Lottoland Asia is so popular. It is a place where you can invest the slightest amount and win millions! People win fortunes with lotteries every day.

Sometimes people come into a financial windfall in other ways. Perhaps they receive a significant inheritance, make a good business move, or come into a settlement. Regardless of how you get the money, receiving a jackpot of cash changes your life instantly.

We all agree this is a good problem to have. But it is challenging. What do you do with all of that money? Do you save, spend, or invest? In this article, we are going to help you explore some options available to you.

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How do you view your finances?

How you handle your financial gain is directly tied to how you view and manage finances currently. According to, your personality can lead you to make choices that may not be the best for your situation. Consider this.

  • Do you save a percentage of your income? Most of us understand that someday, we will have to rely on savings and retirement to survive financially. If this is the way you view your money, you probably save at least a modest amount of your income now. Your first thought may be to keep your newfound cash for the future. But beware. Many savers look at a financial windfall as an unexpected gift and choose to spend it all.
  • Do emotions lead you? You may see money as a way to help others. It feels good to feed the hungry and to help families with essentials. You must remember that there will always be far more needs than you can fill. No matter how much money you have, people with causes want you to give it to them. The challenge is to take away your emotions and logically provide for yourself and your family first. Take care of your priorities and then decide what you want to do. Set the goals you want to achieve for yourself before you make other people’s dreams a reality.
  • Don’t sell yourself short. If you struggle to get from one payday to the next, paying off your debts will make you more comfortable. Don’t make the mistake of stopping there. If you make your money work for you, it can become self-sustaining if managed correctly. Don’t let the relief you feel initially distract you from the bigger picture.
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Get started

  • Whether you are a business person or a blue-collar worker, you should first hire a financial advisor to help you. Their job is to help you identify your needs and goals. Emotions do not cloud their judgment. They see money as a tool to achieve a goal.
  • Pay off all of your debts. Speak with your creditors. Often you can settle an account for a lesser amount if you are paying it in full. It saves you money in interest charges, and it puts you in a better position with financial institutions by improving your net worth.
  • Do not make purchasing decisions for at least six months to one year. Give yourself time to think. Rushing into a new business venture or moving to a different country may seem exciting, but how will you feel about it a year from now?
  • Save a minimum of 30% of your money. This is a general rule in India. It is suggested that putting 30% of your total sum in an interest-paying account will take care of almost anything that comes along.
  • Consider yourself an employee and pay yourself. Do not deposit large sums of money in your checking account, which is easily accessible. It is easy to spend large sums of money on designer clothes, expensive watches, random trips, and fancy dinners just because you can. Instead, put yourself (and your spouse) on a spending allowance. It will force you to ask yourself if trading off a car or buying a lovely watch is something you want to do. Your partner and your financial advisor should discuss everything else you spend money on.
  • Design a diverse portfolio. When you invest, invest in several areas. Use professionals to help you. Do not put all of your money into one investment. If you have several investment trades and one fails, there are others to pull you through.


Making sound decisions and using good judgment helps you sustain your financial gain. Be sure to keep this list handy. We never know when we will strike it rich. You could win the lottery today. Please make sure you are ready!


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