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7 Top WordPress Plugins to Improve your SEO Site Ranking


Are you having problems finding the top WordPress plugins to improve site rankings?

Don’t worry…. We have covered this for you!

In this digital era, every business is going web-based, and the result is that high competition is rising day by day. More and more businesses are having their website or application to reach the highest sales. So, every company aspires to be on the top of Google Search Results. That’s why the companies are opting for various options to improve their site rankings like digital marketing teams, SEO practices, and many more ways.

But did you know that there are WordPress plugins or extensions to improve your SEO site ranking?

Yes, you heard it right. Many businesses are opting for these plugins nowadays to leave the online competition behind. 

Having said that, let’s dig to know the top 7 WordPress plugins to improve your SEO site ranking!

Top WordPress Plugins to Improve Your SEO Site Ranking

Yoast SEO

The first option on the list is a very popular WordPress plugin for SEO websites with the mission of ‘SEO for Everyone’. Yoast SEO offers you all the features that you need to manage your website’s SEO. The most usable WordPress SEO plugin is fully packed with features to assist the visitors by giving a user-friendly interface. 

You can add SEO titles and descriptions for all pages very easily and effectively. You can also have the option to use Open Graph metadata. The plugin has over 5 million downloads which make it enough to be trustworthy. Now keep your search engine bots as well as human visitors happy with Yoast SEO. 

Potential Features

  • You can do improvements in technical SEO automatically.
  • Easily increase the chance of getting good results by integrating in-depth
  • Get full access to site breadcrumbs.
  • The premium users can get Email support.
  • Yoast SEO is very good at doing SEO and readability analysis for your content.
  • Easily optimize the site structure with the internal linking feature.

You can get many more interesting features with its premium version. Yoast SEO is developed by a team of professional developers, testers, and SEO experts. They are improving the plugin regularly to stay ahead of the competition. It is the only WordPress SEO plugin developed by well-known SEO experts.Apart from this, we also want to design our website in such a way that SEO can be boosted and the website ranks on Google.

Rank Math

Our next pick on the list is Rank Math- a most consistent WordPress SEO plugin to improve the SEO of a website. It has a feature of setting up a wizard which enables you to import data during setup from different SEO plugins. Rank Math SEO plugin can do a lot more on the SEO front of your website without taking your time and effort.

It offers you the power equal to one entire SEO team with its smart automation features. Rank Math is thoughtfully designed and developed by the MyThemeShop squad to boost your website traffic.

Potential Features

  • Easily write SEO-optimized content with artificial intelligence technology.
  • Use of dynamic keywords.
  • You can get full control over the website via the role manager.
  • Easy Integration of Google Schema Markup.
  • Track your keywords ranking on Google effectively.
  • Get smart suggestions for internal linking.
  • Website loading is fast with Rank Math because of lighter coding.
  • Inclusion of XML sitemap and 404 monitoring system.

With this superfast SEO plugin, your website can be a game changer for your business growth. Whether you are a blogger, store owner, or startup owner, this plugin will perfectly fit your needs. 

Broken Link Checker

Good content is not just enough to have a heavy-traffic website. Links also play a very crucial role in the success of your web pages. If the website has broken links, then you may get out of the competition. Nobody wants to land on an empty web page and also Google treats broken links as errors. It may take a very much time if you check all the broken links thoroughly, So Broken Link Checker Comes into play. 

Broken Link Checker scans all the internal and external links and finds if there is any broken one. It then assists you to fix the broken links to improve site SEO.

Potential Features:

  • Scan all of your posts, pages, blogroll, and the comment section for broken links.
  • Broken Link Checker has a good configuration level.
  • Easily detect links in non-working state and redirects. 
  • Search engines can unfollow broken links with this plugin.
  • Get notifications easily through email or dashboards of the website.
  • You can edit links straightforwardly from the plugin’s page.

So, to have a good scan of the broken links of your website and get the easy status of all the links by using Broken Link Checker.


Another of the best SEO plugins to optimize your website is SEOPress. It is a super WordPress plugin to boost your website’s traffic and enhance social sharing. The plugin is add-free even in its free version. 

It lets you easily create HTML and XML sitemaps as per your requirements and optimized breadcrumbs. It lets you easily manage redirections with 301.

Potential Features

  • It offers you a universal search engine optimization meta box.
  • Easy analysis of the content for optimizing the website.
  • There is no requirement to have additional extensions for managing page redirections.
  • Easily and effectively set up your website with the installation wizard.
  • You can have a mobile or desktop preview of your website’s Google search results.
  • Get super insights, instant heat maps, and recordings of the sessions easily with Microsoft clarity integration.
  • Enhance the search indexing through tailor-make XML sitemap.

Its no-add version for free makes it a super choice for website owners. Now easily monitor your Google analytics in seconds with the SEOPress plugin. 


Our other plugin choice is for redirection from the pages that no longer exist to another page. This is very much important for maintaining website optimization and credibility. So Redirection plugin comes into play. 

It is one of the famous WordPress redirect management plugins. It allows you to easily manage 301-page redirections, 404-page errors, and any broken redirection your website may need. This will definitely help you to increase site rankings. It can easily redirect a website with thousands of redirect options. The plugin is totally free and you don’t need to pay to access any of its features. 

Potential Features

  • No need to have Apache or Nginx knowledge to redirect pages quickly.
  • Easily monitor 404 errors on your website.
  • It supports a conditional system for redirection pages with some conditions like login status, HTTP headers, IP address, WordPress capability, page types, servers, etc.
  • Allows you to display all the redirects of your website via a configurable logging option.
  • You can easily add HTTP headers or your own custom headers to redirect the pages.
  • Support of full-featured import and export system. 

So, to avoid irritating your visitors on empty pages or links, Use the Redirection plugin to enhance the traffic and conversion rates of your website.

One of the ways to improve your website ranking is to consider keywords. So, our next pick is a tool used for keyword research named which is one of the best keyword tools available in the market. It is a free tool with good features and is very simple to use. 

The tool assists you to gather keywords by using Google’s auto-suggest feature. The search is based on the people’s behavior to search for a particular thing on Google.

Potential Features

  • You can get up to 750 keyword suggestions for a single search in the free version itself.
  • It supports multiple channels to search on and you can search by specific locations too.
  • Just type a keyword and get the suggestions easily.
  • Supports Google’s autocomplete tool to show people’s choices.
  • Easily get search volume and cost per click for each keyword in the premium plan.

The tool is one of the best suggestions against Google Keyword Planner and many other research tools. You can get two times more keyword suggestions in the premium version than in the free one. Now easily search for thousand of keywords in one go with


The last option is MonsterInsights which is the best WordPress Google Analytics Plugin. It is a powerful SEO tool to enhance your website’s position. The more you got to know about the results of your website, the more effort for SEO, you can put to stay ahead of the competition. 

You can see readable reports and analytics data in the WordPress dashboard by installing MonsterInsights. That means you don’t have to visit your website and Google Analytics again and again. 

Potential Features

  • You can set universal website tracking.
  • Easily get real-time statistics inside WordPress to check all the activities.
  • E-commerce tracking for WooCommerce websites in just one click.
  • Easily check the most famous post or pages on your website.
  • The link tracking option enables you to track clicks on the associated links and at outbound links automatically. 
  • It helps you to do A/B testing and set the speed and sample rate. 

MonsterInsights hassle-freely integrates with some of your favorite plugins. Now easily track your Google analytics with this easy-to-use plugin and get the desired results. 

Wrapping Up

That’s all for this blog!

SEO is very important for a website to have a good ranking and improve its business. But playing with SEO is a little bit tricky. But, SEO looks simpler when you have the right tools or plugins to work with it. We have mixed a variety of plugins for different SEO needs like fixing broken links, redirection to working pages, checking Google analytics and planning the keywords, etc.  However, after going through this guide, you can learn about various WordPress plugins and improve traffic to your website. 

We hope this blog helped you to find the needed WordPress SEO plugins for your website. If you still have any doubts in mind, then feel free to ask….We will be more than happy to help you!

Happy Reading!

About the Author:

Naveen Kumar is the marketing and product head at JoomDev. He is working with JoomDev, a leading web and mobile app development company. He loves to convert his ideas into reality by developing WordPress plugins such as Mighty Addons for Elementor which helps you to supercharge the power of Elementor page builder.


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