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8 Ways to Boost Instagram Engagement with Reels


Instagram’s creators ensure that the application introduces new features to keep its users engaged. Instagram introduced reels back in 2020 and it proved to be a huge success. Reels are small videos of 15 seconds that are informative, funny, or educational depending upon the creator. Since these are short clips, users prefer to watch them over a full-length video. Instagram later increased the duration to a maximum of 60 seconds. This increase helped creators come up with even better ideas and content.  

Engagement on Instagram is very important, if you are an influencer or brand, engagement is the key to the growth of your account. Instagram reels are a great tool to interact with your current audience and allure new followers as well. In this article, we will be discussing the top 8 ways you could boost your Instagram engagements using reels. 

1. Amazing Content 

The first and most important thing on any social media platform is the content. Better content will attract more people to your reels, posts, and stories. As an Instagram user, your first priority should be to produce unique and creative content. When making reels the more creative you are, the more people would want to engage with your other posts. Watching reels from other accounts could inspire you and help come up with better ideas. 

2. Be Relevant 

When you are a brand, any content you produce should be relevant. Remember what your brand represents and what it stands for. People are expecting the same sort of content from you. If your content is irrelevant to your industry, you might end up losing followers. You can mention or hint at your product and services in your reels. You could also use the colors or logo that describe your brand. 

3. Hook in Viewers 

According to some research, the attention of a reader or viewer only lasts for a few seconds. If the first seconds fail to attract the viewer, they might lose interest in it completely. As a content creator, you should focus on the start of your reels. The start should be compelling in a way that the viewer would want to watch the rest of your clip as well. This will help boost your Instagram engagement.  

4. Transitions and Effects 

When creating a reel, consider thinking about what you find amusing yourself. Instagram has not introduced cool effects that can be added to the reels. Smooth transitions are eye-catching for viewers. You might think that working too hard on a 15-second clip is not just worth it.  

But that is where you might be wrong. Brands have reported their follower count and engagements increase considerably when they started making good reels for their followers. However, you can also buy Instagram likes to boost your engagement. 

5. Captions and Hashtags 

Captions help viewers know at a glance what type of content your reel might be representing. As a brand, or influencer your job is to come up with a caption that is scroll stopping, which means, that the user would definitely want to have a peek at your reel. The rest of the job will be done by your content and transition. 

Hashtags help users identify trends. As a brand, you need to keep your reels updated on the trend around the world. An Instagram user often searches hashtags of ongoing trends. Thus, making reels with trendy hashtags would help increase your engagement a lot. 

6. Q&A on your reels 

Q&A sessions are the most interactive thing on Instagram. Q&A makes your posts or reels engaging as your audience love to share their opinions and views. Try ending your reel with a question. Interesting questions can be very convincing. When viewers read answers from people around the world, they love to share their opinions to portray how their idea differentiates from others. 

As a brand or influencer, you should make sure that you interact back with them. Reply to the comments made by your followers. This develops a sense of trust and mutual relationship in your followers.  

7. Share complete Stories 

Reels last for about 15 seconds, and you might be thinking it is such a short time to tell a complete story. However, you can convey complete stories using creativity in your reels or take inspiration from accounts that are already doing it.  

Viewers do not like waiting for stories to be complete, nor do they prefer watching them in parts. It is most beneficial as a brand, to plan your reel in such a way that you are able to demonstrate everything that you want in that same reel. This will greatly enhance your engagement and will cause an increase in your follower count. If you are a startup, you can buy Instagram followers (UK) for a slight head start. 

8. Perfect Planning and Analysis 

For any strategy to be successful, proper planning and timely analysis are compulsory. Reels are a great tool to increase engagement but if not planned properly, they might not work for you. You can plan your reels ahead by using an Instagram scheduler. Schedulers help your reels get published automatically at the assigned time. 

Moreover, you should analyze your results after a couple of reels have been posted. Record the responses that you have received. Try to post at a time when most of your followers are active. The analysis will help you understand if a specific type of content is engaging enough viewership or not. If not, you can change and improvise your strategy accordingly.  


Instagram has provided great opportunities for influencers and brands. More and more features are added so that users can increase engagements with their followers. Reels on Instagram are very influential, this is because they are short and precise. We have mentioned the top techniques that you can use to maximize engagements with reels. If you are a startup or an established business, these tips will help attract more viewership to your reels.

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