Nail Care Done Right: Must-Follow Tips to Get Stronger Nails At Home


We all yearn for healthy, long, and well-shaped nails that look pretty and attract attention instantly. When your nails are on-point, the joy of painting them with your favorite nail paint shade and filing them in desirable shape is inevitable. The wait to get healthy and strong nails is like testing someone’s patience because it is a time taking process. However, for all those nail fashion enthusiasts who love experimenting, you have come to the right place. Be it brittle, weak, short, or long, we have found what exactly you need to do for getting healthy and pretty nails without having to visit any salon. 

Tips on How to Make Your Nails Stronger and Healthier

Keep the Nails Clean 

The right nail hygiene includes cleaning the nails and fingertips to get rid of chipped nail paint, oil, buildup dirt and more. You can start with washing your hands before and after meals, in between going out, and more. Also, make sure there is no left-over nail paint on the tips by using Nail Enamel Remover Liquid. Using acetone-free nail paint removers gently removes the traces of nail polish without causing any inflammation or irritation and also nourishes the delicate nails. Apply some to cotton balls and gently rub on the nails ad around the edges to get rid of chipped nail color. 

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Trim Your Nails Regularly

Long nails look gorgeous but it is important to trim them from time to time so that they don’t lead to breakage. Grooming nails and keeping them short does not only look good but also avoids dirt and grime getting accumulated beneath. Adapting to the right nail trimming routine keeps nails from turning brittle, painful and avoids ingrown nails. How frequently should nails be trimmed depends on how quickly they grow. You can use a Nail Filer to smooth out the edges first and then use a Nail Clipper to trim your nails as per the size you desire. 

Apply a Base Coat before Using Nail Paint 

Painting nails with stunning color shades usually doesn’t fall under nail care but you should never skip prepping your nails. Before applying anything on your nails, just wash them with water, let them dry, and then apply a base coat first. Applying a base coat helps to strengthen the nails, keeps them away from chipping, and ensures the manicure stays for longer than usual. They can be used as Standalone Base Coat and Top Coat Nail Paint both providing a protective sheath for the cuticles and high shine on your nail paints. Always choose the one which is formulated with natural ingredients to make nails stronger, smoother, and shinier. 

Stay Away From Biting and Chipping Nails 

When your nails start growing in an irregular pattern, that urge to bite them is very natural. There are tons of bacteria and germs hidden under the nails and biting them with teeth can cause adverse effect. Chipping off old nail paint or biting the nails may give you momentary satisfaction but this is not right health-wise. Moreover, it has a bad impact on the cuticles and can destroy the texture and shape of the nails. Therefore, always keep Nail Care Tools handy to help with on-the-spot buffing or filing so that the nails can get a smooth finish and edges. 

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Moisturize Hands and Nails Regularly 

Our hands are exposed to harsh sun rays, dust and pollution almost all the time and because of this, we often end up washing them. Washing with soap or liquid now and then can make the skin and nails harsh. Therefore always moisturize your hands and nails before going to bed. Use a hand cream with hydrating formula at least once a day to combat brittleness and keep them supple and soft. For keeping the cuticles and nail bed moisturized, ensure to use Cuticle oil. 

Our hands and fingernails deserve equal TLC; hence you can swear by these tips and make them healthy-looking and soft. 

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