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Check Out the Latest Mangalsutra Designs Today


The customary, traditional designs immediately spring to mind when thinking about a mangalsutra. But how can a millennial bride resist desiring a unique mangalsutra when every aspect of weddings is modernising with a touch? On the wedding mood board, you’ve probably saved a dozen different mangalsutra designs, but up until this point, none of them managed to combine modern designs with traditional designs. 

The mangalsutra has a long history and unique customs in India. The holy occasion of tying this auspicious thread or chain is called Mangalya Dharanam, and the family of the bride and groom generously celebrate it. A mangalsutra is a long chain with black beads and a pendant that married women wear in India to indicate their marital status. It is believed that the couple’s sacred tie will be shielded from harm and all manner of evil by this holy chain and pendant. The black-bead mangalsutra is believed to fend off evil and preserve the happiness and health of the marriage between the husband and wife.

If you like to combine the essence of traditions with a touch of modernity, then you should definitely check out the latest mangalsutra design trends and make the right choice.

14kt Yellow Gold Everlasting Accord Mangalsutra

A minimally-styled mangalsutra with a twist! It has a voguish mood and can be worn with any outfit with ease. A short, textured gold bar with black beads on either side, an infinity knot on one, and a diamond-studded flower hung from it. A simple but lovely mangalsutra for a lightweight crepe or chiffon saree!

14kt Yellow Gold A Tear of Joy Mangalsutra

This mangalsutra pendant in a modern design is a woman’s closest friend just for aesthetic reasons. A diamond set in yellow gold that has been shaped into a teardrop form with texture is surrounded by long strings of black beads on either side, one of which has an infinity knot. This mangalsutra is perfect for a salwar or saree with intricate embroidery!

14kt Yellow Gold Evil Eye Mangalsutra

We are aware that minimalist design speaks volumes. Suppose you don’t like pendants that are really large. This stylish, understated, and minimalistic design complements all looks. On each side of a thin chain with an infinity knot on one end, a gorgeous evil eye with diamond accents and black beads is affixed. For work, match this mangalsutra with cotton or cotton-combo sari!

18kt Yellow Gold & Diamond Manga Sutra Bound By Love

This yellow gold mangalsutra is a symbol of your love and the intimacy you share with your sweetheart. With its distinctive design and cutting-edge diamond layout, it is anything but average. According to folklore, fish are lucky and healthy. This 18kt mangalsutra is laced with tiny fish-shaped motifs and diamond-studded pebbles as a nod to what they stand for.

Two-As-One 14 karat yellow gold mangalsutra

We recognise the effectiveness of simplicity! It’s elegant, modest, and goes with everything! In addition, you can add a single black or gold bead on either side of the gem if you want to follow tradition. There were two short gold chains, one with a blossom encrusted with diamonds, the other with a thread of black beads and an infinity knot sewn into one side. Wear this trendy mangalsutra with your deep-neck Kurta!

Startle the World with the Latest Collection

Women today favour lightweight, short gold mangalsutras over heavy, long mangalsutra types that married women would typically wear in the 1990s because they are easier to style. Modern gold Mangalsutra pendants are one of the most well-liked fashion ornaments among married women today. Therefore, if you want to be a part of this movement, you need to think about your possibilities. To complete it, you must visit Mia by Tanishq. You can select from tens of thousands of gold mangalsutra pendants, stunning short mangalsutra designs, and gold mangalsutra pendants for less than fifteen thousand at Mia by Tanishq. 


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