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Improve your Conversion Rate through Content Marketing


Content marketing is a strategic digital marketing technique that includes creating relevant, valuable, essential, and consistent content that attracts your prospective customers towards you to improve your traffic and visibility. This process involves planning, writing, creating, and distributing content intended to attract users. The platforms where the consumer sees your brand, but they do not know that it is a part of your branded campaign. It will be displayed in many forms, such as articles, videos, etc. It can reliably address their needs and problems using language through relevant vernacular. It is the form of marketing through which brands can have visibility, ensure that their clients are aware, and make a call to action to accept who they want consumers with other forms such as text messaging or emailing. Thus you will be able to engage two things at once; your prospects by giving information about your products/services and building up relationships for it easier when setting face-to-face meetings later.

Content Marketing ensures your brand positioning and reputation, develops trust, and cultivates brand-loyal customers. Content marketing, in other words, is reminding the prospects constantly that you are a reliable brand in the market. So, whenever that prospect thinks of purchasing a product you have, they will reminisce your brand, and with the suitable CTAs, you will get the leads.

For example:

You own a sneaker store. You consistently keep on posting valuable information about sneakers across various platforms. Your prospects in your cold audiences will see your posts and gain valuable information about sneakers. Slowly and gradually, their interest in the sneakers will increase, engaging more with you. The more they take an interest, the more will be their buying intention. Gradually you will find them as hot leads. When they decide on buying sneakers, they will buy them from you only in their minds; they trust you the most because of the content you posted.

It is a slow process, but it is highly effective as the intent of buying is higher, and the leads you get are high quality. It is a fact that informational content drives more business than transactional content. More than 75% of marketers focus on content marketing and creation more as they know that this is what will get the business. But what are different types of content? What are their uses? Read through the article to know more.

Content in different forms:


An e-book is a lead magnet that provides a detailed subject study of your product/service to help readers know more. While registering for the e-book, the author can collect their name, address, and phone number. It is a lead, and it can convert in the long run as they are interested in your product/service. You can create an e-book through freelancers or professional writers or write it yourself. An e-book is a highly efficient way to generate leads, as anyone registering for your e-book has a high buying intention.


Article: An article is a longer description of a topic. It is a piece of content related to the subject. The articles are highly objective and cannot be edited by people other than their authors. Writing an article on your product/service helps out in the contacting process as readers will most likely buy it based on what they read or learn from that one sentence.

Blogs: A blog is a type of written work generally produced via web servers called blogs which develops according to what the blog covers. Blogs are simply texts you can quickly post on websites and by an intermediate number of people who contribute content or comments with relevant topics/headlines. You can also add visuals, like images, videos, etc., to engage your audience faster through a resource they rarely see but wish never to miss out in case it happens.

Blogs & articles are a great way of promoting essential knowledge to your prospects. It is free and not as long as an e-book. People who want to know more about your product or service will visit your blogs if it is adequately distributed through various channels. If it is uploaded on the website, it becomes a significant piece of content. You can also improve your ranking through these blogs.


Webinars are recorded audio/video discussions that play via web servers, telephones, or computer screens. It may be held online using any hosting provider’s software to share slides and keep in touch with participants utilizing real-time chat while viewing the presentation concurrently. Webinars can give your services a higher conversion rate as it has a high potential for social interconnections on sites like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc. That leads audience responses to get better leads, increase revenue, and promote brand recognition among new visitors.

To upgrade your sales conversations into a business marketing tool, just record them, then add visuals like video, audio, etc., according to the importance of those answers. Knowing that these recorded materials will be there for future reference and increased upsell opportunities on your site.

Record them and start using them in your day-to-day interactions with customers by starting the conversation on one topic and then going into another. These recordings can be used for future guidance or support, even outside of purchases.


Adding videos to your industry or business blog is an excellent way of showing how much effort you put into the area. They are an excellent means for explaining what your products offer, value proposition, client stories, etc. They give customers a complete word picture of who you are by including testimonial quotes from happy clients- do not limit their usage to only selling products. All that matters here is leaving no trails where there can be sales opportunities, as all this time is wasted if the focus should have been on what they are lacking in business without you.

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Social Media Posts: 

Social media is a great place for content marketing based on content. Social media is a place where you can get engagement and interaction, which these platforms are built for. Therefore, creating content for your social media audience is essential in your marketing strategy. Without social media content posting, you cannot promote your activities on social media. Your audience on social media is there to know about the latest updates about your business, any offers, any giveaways, and any sales offers; your audience is there to listen. Hence, social media content can get you a considerable amount of business.

Importance of Content Marketing

Content marketing leverages existing customers and generates quality leads focused on a specific need to communicate the value of your brand. With the help of content marketing, the prospects will get a positive experience with your page, provided that your content is excellent. With great content comes great followers across your social media pages. Besides, it develops a trustworthy relationship with your audience that makes them loyal to your brand. Here, you are getting filtered, high-quality leads, which will increase your conversion rate, and the conversions will be easy as the buying intention is high. The trustworthiness and reputation of a brand posting regularly also increase as the people following the brand start appreciating and promoting it on their profiles.

What must the content have?

It is an important topic to discuss as you cannot market anything under your brand name. It would help if you kept in mind some of the following pointers:

  • Create politically correct content as you don’t want any controversies under your brand name
  • Content creation based on the latest trends as they catch the eye of the users
  • Creating content that is unique and represents your brand and its products
  • Let your graphic designer apply all of their creativity in the post
  • Content that increases the value of your audience and helps them develop
  • Some tips and tricks on a topic to make life easy
  • Increase the knowledge of your visitors
  • Make sure that you add enough call-to-action buttons

How does content attract visitors to your website?

There is no definitive answer about how content attracts visitors to a website. However, some popular reasons people visit websites are to read articles, find information about a particular topic, and view photographs. Content is what your audience is searching for. Helpful something to make their lives easier. They want to read something, look at something, and find something that improves their knowledge and adds value to their personality. If your brand or website provides the information your visitors want, your visitors will keep coming to your website for more such content. In their minds, there is trust developing, and whenever they need a product that you deal in, they will not even search for your competitors but directly come to you and buy what they want to. They will search you by your name in the search engine to find your website and connect with you directly. 

How To get started with Content Marketing?

Content marketing is effective when it is systematic and structured. Hence, if you are starting with content marketing, start with a system so that it becomes your habit. Then, follow these 9 easy steps to pull out the best results from your content:

Step 1: Identify & understand the problem that most of your prospects and consumers face.

Step 2: Answer the questions like why does this problem exists, how it is caused, who is responsible for creating this problem, how big this problem is, etc.

Step 3: Understand your audience and create buyers’ persona

Step 4: Define your product and brand. Clarify what your brand stands for.

Step 5: Develop content addressing the problem by highlighting the solution in the title.

Step 6: Create hype about your content and let the people talk about this piece of content

Step 7: Upload it as an event so that it becomes exclusive

Step 8: Measure through the analytics and metrics

Step 9: Analyse and adjust your content strategy for the following content piece to increase your reach to the target audience.


Content marketing is a vital part of digital marketing, and many digital marketing agencies provide this service to their clients to increase reach and engagement. Many digital marketing courses keep it as a whole module in their course. It is one of the most basic but essential activities on which digital marketing thrives. Everything from a tweet to a blog post to an e-book can convert your prospects into your customers. Hence, you should keep content creation as a must of an activity. People will reach you more through content, and once you start adding value to your potential customers, they will remember your brand and start with a word-of-mouth marketing. Content marketing is what a significant number of marketers are basing their marketing efforts on. So, start with content creation and promote it through your content marketing strategies.

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