10 Best Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


Do you know a median email marketing can generate an ROI of nearly 122%? That’s four times more than any other marketing strategy.

Huge, right!

The fact is, there are a number of marketing channels that have grown to share and engage content with targeted audiences, but none of them has the power to replace email marketing entirely.

Email marketing has the potential to build a loyal customer base irrespective of boosting your small business size, be it a mid-sized company, or a large corporation. 

But how can you take the leverage of this influential marketing tool?

There are numerous ways of accomplishing that. With everything from emailing about your newly launched products to sending sumptuous offers or to providing educational content, you can keep your customers engaged all the way through.

This article contains many such tips along with others geared especially towards the ones just starting out in the entrepreneurial world.

So, let’s get started!

E-mail Marketing Tips for Boosting Small Businesses

Define your targeted audience

To make your email campaigns as effective as possible, you should design them with a specific audience in mind. Create a  mailing list that will let you market directly to people who have a genuine interest in your products or services.

To define your target audience, you need to consider the following questions:

  • Find out how customers think.
  • How do they make buying decisions?
  • The type of content they are interested in.
  • Know the demographics.
  • How much they are willing to spend?
  • How do they find your content online?

Once you know all the answers, you’re better able to build relationships with customers and make effective communication strategies.

Create an easy signup option for newly joined customers

No matter what kind of business you start, it’s important to build relationships with your customers. 

But how would you do that?

For starters, you can encourage potential customers to sign up for your mailing list by designing attractive, well-written call-to-action forms.

Remember, customers, are very particular about giving out their email addresses. Be sure to share with them why they should be reading your newsletter. Offer them a reason to provide this information, such as exclusive discounts and information that can only be found on your website. They will make it easier for you to grow your email newsletter subscriber list.

Stay Compliant

While you are in the process of emailing the customers, make sure you stay compliant with the CAN-SPAM ACT of 2003. Under this act, you can’t send unsolicited electronic messages or emails to customers.

To stay compliant with this act, follow the below tips:

  • One, you are only sending emails to the ones who have subscribed to your services through sign-up forms available on your website.
  • And second, make sure it’s easy for them to unsubscribe from your services if they want to. So include an opt-out form that allows them to do this in every email you send.

As long as you follow these rules, you will not only stay compliant with this act but also build a loyal base of customers for your business.

Quality over Quantity, always!

One thing that is going to help you get emails delivered and read in 2022 is the quality of your email content. Forget about sending out as many emails as you can, because nobody likes to be spammed.

Instead of sending useless emails, consider creating emails that people actually want to read. If you’re sending out a campaign, make sure the content is valuable for your subscribers.

The best way to make sure you’re aware of your subscribers’ needs is to ask them what kind of content they’d like to receive via email and then mail accordingly.

Take leverage of email automation

Email automation is a great way to build consistent communication with your potential customers. By taking leverage of it, you can buy a lot of time for yourself which you can further invest in other marketing strategies.

Following are the ways to use email automation:

  • Send a welcome email to your new subscribers and let them know what they can expect from you.
  • Send abandoned cart emails to uncertain shoppers and help them to complete a sale.
  • Send lucrative discount offers email to your inactive subscribers and entice them to re-purchase again.

Make your email simple and readable

One of the most basic and important things to remember when writing emails is readability. Your email should be simple and easily readable. To do that, make sure you are including only one task for the reader.

For example, you could add a blog post link that will educate your customers about a particular product. Or you could share an instructional video that introduces them to your products and how they can be used. Or you can add a link to your website that informs customers about your latest products or upcoming sales funnel or offers for your business.

Don’t forget to include visuals

Using visuals in marketing is a smart idea. They help customers understand your product or service and, most importantly, stay engaged with it.

So, make sure to include visual elements to catch your audience’s attention, such as photos and embedded videos. Let them know you’ve considered their viewing experience by making sure the email looks good on all kinds of devices.

Change your email strategy to increase open rates

When customers don’t read your emails, it’s all for naught. To grab your customer’s attention, make sure that they see your content by making sure that their attention is on their emails when you send them an email.

For that, you can do the following things:

  • Try to write captivating subject lines in your emails.
  • When sending an email, try to make it personal. Customers don’t always respond to cold emails.
  • Don’t let spam filters keep your messages from reaching the right inboxes.

Monitor your results at all times

If you’re tracking the engagement of your email marketing, you can sort your lists based on how engaged recipients are with your emails, and send more relevant content to those who engage most.

It can be frustrating for your customers to be bombarded with emails after signing up for a free coupon offer or to learn more about something and hear from someone weeks later. 

So, make sure you are targeting your emails at the right time and right place.

Before launching an email campaign, test it

Before we wrap up, here’s a tip that’s important to remember.

As important as your email campaigns are to you, they can often be overlooked when it comes time to analyze the success of your overall digital marketing strategy. 

While most test their landing pages and banner ads before launching, it’s much more common for small groups of visitors to see a typo or display issue in an email campaign and miss out on the call to action.

After you’ve written your email’s main content, try previewing it on your email marketing software, and then test different subject lines, content copy, and call-to-action (CTA) buttons with a section of your list to see what performs best.


There you have it: bulk email marketing strategy in a nutshell! Put these tips to work so that your business will be a success in 2022.

We hope you find this blog informative! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. We would be happy to hear from you!

About the Author:

Naveen is the marketing and product head at JoomDev. He is working with JoomDev, a leading web and mobile app development agency. He loves to convert his ideas into reality by developing WordPress plugins such as Mighty Addons for Elementor which helps you to supercharge the power of Elementor page builder.


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