10 Ways Modern Porta Potties Can Protect The Environment


In an era when every individual feels the country should go to any length to safeguard the environment, it’s necessary to dispel myths and remove the taboo around one of the globe’s most important providers of sustainability: porta-potties. Portable sanitation is more than a technique to comply with regulatory requirements for specific sorts of meetings and projects or comfort for your staff and visitors. It’s also a green investment.

What are Porta Potties? 

Any toilet that can be transported by one person or by motorized means like a crane or truck is called Porta Potties or mobile toilets. Most varieties are self-contained and do not require any pre-existing utilities or infrastructure, such as sewerage. A non-splash urinal, toilet seat, holding tank (typically 60 gallons), and non-slip floor are all included on the inside of the chamber to avoid any unwanted incidents. A flushing mechanism and a pressure system are also included in some units to aid in the circulation of water and chemicals within the tank.

10 Major Factors of Modern Porta Potties Can Protect the Environment

You might be wondering how Porta Potties can protect the environment. Here are ten factors to consider:

#1 Portable toilets allow for proper waste disposal

Whether portable toilets are strategically spread across an outdoor space or located in a central place, proper waste disposal is critical. Human feces are often contaminated with hazardous germs that, if not adequately removed, can pollute adjacent water supplies. Several of these organisms survive in cold water and transmit disease quickly. 

#2 Toxic waste is kept at bay by using portable toilets

When vegetable seeds are ingested, they move through our bodies and end up on the earth. A constant flow of people peeing on trees, bushes, and grass can eventually damage plant life with excessive salts and other toxic substances. Portable toilets will not harm neighboring landscapes and will keep plants from establishing roots in places where they aren’t supposed to be.

#3 Public health benefits from the use of Portable Toilets

Toilet rentals in NJ provide public health benefits from the use of portable toilets. Individuals who maintain portable toilets properly reduce illness transmission from person to person. The portable toilets are made using formaldehyde- and alcohol-free materials. Such products prevent odors, waste-borne parasite growth, and human waste from poisoning nearby plants. When placed at work locations, portable sanitation systems pay for themselves in terms of fewer sick days and/or increased production.

#4 Portable toilets help to keep waste off of people’s hands and clothes

Since garbage might mistakenly end up on users’ clothing and be hazardous to the environment, an outside setting raises challenges with cleaning and sanitation. Once portable toilets are employed during food-related events, they help to decrease disease by providing a contained location for waste as well as a hand-washing station. Hand sanitizers are also provided and maintained by proper service firms to kill any infections.

#5 Water is conserved by using portable toilets

The average person flushes more water down the toilet each day than is utilized for any other single activity, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Since a portable rental toilet in NJ does not need flushing and waste is disposed of without the use of water, they save around 125 million gallons of fresh water every day. With a large number of uses over the month and only twenty gallons of water, you may get 400 uses for 20 gallons of water. Throughout the week, by a variety of individuals.

This water can also be used for cooking, bathing, and drinking daily. Even so-called “low-flow” toilets require at least 1.6 liters of water per flush. This is a significant improvement over previous models, which might use up to 6 gallons of water per flush. 

#6 Portable toilets help wildlife stay healthy by reducing disease transmission

Human excrement is hazardous to both wildlife and the environment, and it is known to find its way through the environment in far more subtle ways than direct intake. It spreads by human paws, feet, and hooves, as well as insect wings. As a result, many campers are opting for clean portable restrooms on a more regular basis. Natural body functions can be contained with the use of portable toilets.

#7 Insect Problems are Reduced by Porta-Potties

When humans use portable toilets, the feces and all of the insects attracted to them are contained within the temporary toilet. A portable toilet is a great source for germs and diseases, which grow within the internal walls and spread across key points of contact by its very nature.

Human excrement entices flies in particular. Internal parasites traveling through a user’s body may also end up in neighboring soil, where they can then be spread to both people and pets through direct contact. Hookworms have been reported to move across the soil and calmly wait to attack fresh victims by passing via hands and feet. An outdoor toilet, no question how basic, always comes with hand sanitizer, if not flowing water, and soap dispensers.

#8 The Environmental benefits are truly broad

Humans can be harmed and contaminated when they swim or drink from natural springs. Portable toilets avoid an overabundance of human waste from washing into sewers and streams, contaminating bodies of water, and spreading disease that kills species that pass through them. Additionally, portable toilets reduce unpleasant odors by confining waste before it is sent for treatment.

#9 They work to keep odors at bay over time

When it comes to odor management, today’s portable toilet rental for events is significantly superior to previous generations because of advancements in industrial science and technology. 

#10 Toilet trailer and built-in sink

The toilet trailer, which flushes and also has a built-in sink, is the result of technological advancements. This form of porta potty rental in NJ reduces the risk of disease, which can have a detrimental effect on the surrounding environment.


Consider incorporating porta toilets into your environmental preservation measures right now now that you have a better awareness and knowledge of the impact they can make on our planet’s stability and everyone’s wellbeing.


Lynn Webster is a marketing manager at Poor John’s Portable Toilets, the most reliable portable toilet supplier in Keyport, NJ. He has been associated with the Keyport toilet rental scene for years and knows everything there is to know about toilet rentals.


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