Best Times to Post on Instagram in 2022


Instagram has an ever-changing algorithm. This is primarily developed to enhance the users’ experience. Thus, this makes it easier for them to get the content they are looking for. And, based on their views and likes, the content appears on their newsfeed. But, this algorithm is also highly influential in the case of brands. 

This decade is all about brands and services, and the new mode of interaction is social media management. Owing to the pandemic and accepting the new normal, consumers have settled for a new approach to looking for brands. 

At present, around 4 billion users are connected through social media platforms. Thus, there is no doubt that Instagram can help to build and grow a brand impression. 

But, every venture requires a proper strategy. You might want to set up a brand or become an influencer – both require engagement for successful revenue generation.

So, if you intend to gain followers and viewers on your Instagram post, ask the basic question – When are the best times to post on Instagram? 

Is it on weekends! – when do people have enough spare time to binge-watch movies or scroll through social media platforms? – NO.

So, we will answer that-

How do optimize Instagram posts based on time?

As already discussed, social media platforms, such as Instagram, follow a strict algorithm which is the key aspect to deciding – how can you join with new viewers. So, optimizing your social media post would determine when a post appears on the newsfeed. Additionally, you also need to find out how the older Instagram content is treated.

Do you want to target specific consumers? 

If you intend to drive in traffic or Is your Instagram account lacking the proper engagement? Then, accurate analysis can help you to gear up for success. The current algorithm of Instagram has made it much more challenging to share a post and gain visibility. And, only an efficient digital marketing agency can access and form a proper strategy to tackle these hassles.

At present, for Instagram posts, only your family members and friends get the top priority, and business posts are given less priority. To help your Instagram post reach any targeted audience, you must overcome the situations. And, you need to detect the best time of the best day to upload Instagram content.

We have analyzed more than 3 lakh Instagram posts to detect the best times to post on Instagram, which can help you earn the best yield.

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What is the exact profitable time for posting an Instagram post?

If you think that we will give you a particular time, then you might get disappointed as there are too many variables to pick just one time. Moreover, the best time also depends on the time zone you are dwelling in. 

So, at the base level, follow your previous records. Even if you post once a week, it is highly important to follow the times when you get the most views. In general, it is said that the best time to post on Instagram is Thursday, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and on Friday at 10:00 a.m, and Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. 

Now, you have to find out the time which would suit you best. You need to look through all this wider section of the audience and post more than once a week.

Further, do you want more than just generating engagement and building trust through likes, comments, and shares? Then, you can also try the new features on Instagram, such as stories and IGTV. 

You need to create a systematic interaction process with the social followers. And, this would bring in high-quality leads for any brand. Moreover, try to stick to viral or trendy posts.

Create a schedule to determine the best times to post on Instagram

Let’s create an Instagram schedule for you. This will help you get the exact date and time to earn leads and generate engagement.

Post on a particular day of the week

If you are looking for a day of the week to post Instagram content, then maintain a specific time of the day, even if it is on different days of the week. Keep in mind that people usually check their phones as soon as they wake up during working weeks. 

So, on weekdays keep your post earlier. But, on weekends people try to spend their leisure time. And, so you can post any content in the latter half of the day, say after 5:00 p.m.

The best time to post on any working day

People do not forget to check their social media accounts even when dealing with a busy schedule. But, the best times to post on Instagram are usually during their work break or lunchtime. So, you can publish content around 1:00 p.m or in the late afternoon. 

Similarly, you can also choose the evening time span, when the work pressure goes down, say after 7:00 p.m.

Selecting the Time-Zone

If your post is intended for a global approach, then the posting time gets a little critical. But, if you want to target a particular group or specific location, you must follow that geographical area’s time zone. Even if that time zone differs from your own time zone. But, never post too much content at one time, as nobody is willing to watch several posts at one go. 

Select specific audience

Now comes the best practice of posting. If your brand has a particular audience base and is not general, then all your posts must be relevant to that. In this case, you can get to open a business Instagram account that will help you to grow as a business person or as an influencer. 

You can also get access to Instagram insight to understand your gap. Note down the metrics and understand who your followers are. And, at what time the audience is most active. This will help you structure the post and maintain a posting practice.

Frequency of posting

Your Instagram should have a unique and creative look. You can post three Instagram content in a day, but they should not be repetitive. And, each should have its own amazing story to tell. Always your focus should be on quality rather than on quantity. 

So, if you can meet the quality requirement, then it can make a big difference for your brand. Even if you are able to post just one piece of content in a day.

Why do the best times to post on Instagram differ on web searches?

So, now, you should have a clear idea about the best times to post on Instagram. But, when you search on the web, you might find different websites have provided different best timings for content posting on Instagram. Basically, they have collected business data and created their own perception of Instagram postings. 

Suppose, for technology companies, it is recommended to post on Wednesdays at around 10:00 a.m., educational organizations must post on Mondays at 8:00 p.m., health companies should post on Tuesday at 1:00 p.m., and non-profit organizations should have at least four posts in a week, but all are in different time zones.


Still, wondering when the best times to post on Instagram are? We have collected data from all the websites and have analyzed that Wednesday at 11:00 a.m has the highest level of engagement, and then comes Friday at 10:00 a.m to 11:00 a.m. 

Now, you might ask – Is it bad timing to post at night? Following the general rules, people usually are less active on social media platforms at night. And, so your content might get zoned out by the time the people get back to Instagram activity.

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