Weight Loss: 5 Exercises to Reduce Thigh Fat


So you started on a weight loss journey, and you want to shape out your thighs, or you simply want to target that area? While many of the best weight loss supplements on the market can also help, many simple exercises can help you shed even the most stubborn body fats.

Many of us are predisposed to putting on extra weight in specific body areas, such as the thighs, belly, or buttocks. While fats in these areas tend to be more difficult to get rid of, if you put in the necessary work, you will surely succeed.

Keep reading to find out the top five exercises for shedding thigh fat and how dietary supplements, such as Keto GT, may boost your results.

Top 5 Exercises to Reduce Thigh Fat

  1. Squats Are the King of All Exercises – Squats are often named the king of all exercises because they work out nearly your whole body and provide substantial results, both in terms of weight loss and positive hormone production. Squats alone can lead to significant overall weight loss. This type of exercise also conditions our cardiovascular system by promoting healthy increases in heart rate and oxygen consumption.

Squats are so intense that they even stimulate human growth hormone and testosterone secretion which can be especially beneficial.

Nevertheless, they mainly affect the glutes and thighs and significantly boost fat burning in these areas.

To perform squats, stand straight with your feet around shoulder width or slightly wider. While keeping your spine straight, start slowly squatting down until your hips are slightly lower than your knees. Then, stand up to the initial position and repeat 10-20 times for 2-4 sets.

  1. Forward Lunges Will Shape Your Thighs and Buttocks – Forward lunges are another simple exercise that mainly targets your thighs and buttocks. Apart from shedding extra fat, they will also shape the areas to provide them with a more aesthetic look.

To perform lunges, stand with your feet around shoulder width. Keep your upper body and spine straight and step deeply with one leg forward until your front knee bends at a 90-degree angle and your back leg is fully straight. Now pull back to the start position and repeat the exercise 8-10 times. Then switch your legs and repeat for 2-4 sets.

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  1. Leg Circles are Simple yet Very Effective – The next among the weight loss tips we have for you that will help you burn thigh fat is practicing leg circles. These are common Pilates exercises that will also strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. The latter is essential for maintaining good posture and pelvis functions.

For these, lie down on a floor mat with your body straight and legs together. With your body immobile, start raising one of your legs towards the ceiling while trying to keep it straight.

When you get the hang of it, you can try to make small circles in the air with your leg. Make 5-8 repetitions on each leg for 3-4 sets. Leg circles are extremely effective exercises but can be a bit challenging if you are a beginner, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you find them difficult.

  1. Deadlifts Can Add Muscle and Burn Fat – Deadlifts are advanced full-body exercises that provide significant weight loss and muscle strength. Experts also believe that they lead to positive hormone changes by increasing human growth hormone and testosterone production. These effects can be especially beneficial for men experiencing sexual health issues.

Deadlifts will target your thighs and buttocks and help you burn even the most stubborn fats. However, that can easily cause you an injury if you don’t have the correct form. Use the help of a professional fitness trainer who will ensure that you have a proper technique and minimize the risk of injuring yourself.

  1. Jumping Jacks are Your Best Friend – Jumping jacks emphasize less on your thighs than the previous exercises, but they are an excellent weight loss activator for your whole body that deserves a place among our top weight loss tips. They will strengthen nearly all your muscles and keep your heart and lungs healthy by stimulating your heart rate and cell oxygen consumption.

Start by standing in a neutral position. Then jump while splitting your legs to the sides and raise both of your arms towards the ceiling. Then jump again and return to your start position. Keep jumping for 10-20 repetitions for 2-4 sets. 

What You Need To Know About Dietary Supplements Like Keto GT

Apart from doing the right exercises and having a healthy diet, other things can help you lose more weight. Natural dietary supplements, such as Keto GT, contain various beneficial ingredients that will stimulate weight loss and keep you healthier.

They will supplement you with additional research-backed vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts that are difficult to come by through your diet. Give them a try!

Final Words

Losing weight can be challenging, but shedding that extra stubborn fat around the thighs or belly can be even worse.

Nonetheless, practice the above exercises for a few months, and you will start noticing substantial results. Apart from helping you lose fat, they will strengthen your muscles and give you a more aesthetic look.

Also, make sure you have a look at the best weight loss supplements currently on the market. However, remember to go for research-backed formulas that will have no side effects.


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