The Ultimate Guide To Choose A Powerlifting Coach in Brisbane


With time, powerlifting has gained tremendous popularity in sports. If you consider this sport in Brisbane, having a powerlifting coach is important. It is because a coach uses best practices to improve technique, programming, mental skills and strategies, and nutrition. 

So, how to choose a powerlifting coach Brisbane? Online there are various coaches, and finding the right one can be an overwhelming task. But, don’t worry, this post is for you! 

Here we will explain everything you need to know before picking up a powerlifting coach. 

Background: Powerlifting & Strength Training Coaching 

When choosing a powerlifting coach, check whether they know how the sports principle works and the methods to increase strength training.  

Let me clarify that it is not easy to find a coach with specialized knowledge. There are the majority of individuals that are not interested in max training. Besides, local gym trainers work with their clients for ‘weight losses’ or ‘muscle gain’ goals. 

For that reason, many aiming powerlifters turn to “online coaching” like Nemesis Performance coach Nat. She delivers one-on-one coaching to help fast-track your lifting goals by teaching you to lift most safely and efficiently.

How To Choose A Powerlifting Coach

Before hiring a powerlifting coach, find out what questions you should ask:

  • Coach Thinking, Education, Morals, and Experience
  • Does the coach have proper skills in the sport?
  • Do they have a proper education related to sports science, coaching, or more? 
  • Do the values of a coaching match with you?  

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How Coach Run Their Coaching Practice 

When you get a personal trainer at a local gym, the gym itself provides training and a set of best practices for the trainer to handle their clients. Whereas in online coaching, there are no such “best practices” as most online coaches run their businesses and build their systems and practices from scratch.

As a result, you can face very distinct experiences counting on who you hire and their capability to manage their coaching practice. In such a case, before hiring a powerlifting coach, it is better to ask yourself:

  • What is the level of professionalism?  
  • What process do they use for monitoring online training? 
  • Is there any individualized instruction facility?  
  • Are there outlooks for the coach and the athlete’s responsibilities?

What Does Their Athlete Pedigree Look Like

The success of athletes must measure the success of a coach. Therefore, when hiring a powerlifting coach, you need to understand the athletes they have trained before. Fortunately, there are few factors to consider:

  • What level in powerlifting have the athletes accomplished?
  • Did the coach take a great athlete and make him better?
  • Has the coach functioned with an individual like you?
  • How long have their athletes worked with the coach?

What Services You Expect After Hiring A Coach

The main reasons for athlete disappointment are that they did not clearly understand what they were getting from service before they started. Therefore, knowing what you can expect from the trainer after hiring him is essential.

1. Programming

A trainer should be able to deliver your program at a certain level of frequency. The length of the training cycle usually determines this. However, most trainers offer powerlifting programs on a weekly or monthly basis.

Also, check if the program comes with video demos, instructions, and a lookup list. But keep in mind that the details may differ from coach to coach.

2. Nutrition Coaching

Some trainers may or may not include nutrition coaching in their core services. But at Nemesis Performance, nutrition coaching is included based on your lifestyle needs. Chief among them is achieving the best results by educating clients about performance nutrition and focusing on long-term, sustainable changes.

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Closing Words

When choosing a powerlifting coach Brisbane you should consider specific criteria and questions. For example, you shouldn’t hire the most-followed trainer on social media or someone who is the strongest person in your weight class. Instead, consider according to some criteria like coaching experience, how they run their coaching practice, and more.

Make powerlifting part of your weekly routine and you’ll soon start feeling like a true champion.” 

So, what are you waiting for? Choose a powerlifting coach in Brisbane wisely!

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