Top 10 Banquet Halls in G.T Karnal Road Industrial Area


G.T Karnal Road Industrial area is in Ashok Vihar that comes under North Delhi. Its postal Head office is Alipur which is the administrative headquarter and a sub-division of the North Delhi district. The area is famous for thousands of factories, industrial and corporate offices, and hundreds of banquet halls and wedding halls. 

In this article, we have prepared a list of the Top 10 banquet halls from this area that can add a dash of glamour and grandeur to your wedding. Although the list mentioned below is not a comprehensive one, but we have tried to be as picky as possible while preparing it.   If you are yet to book the venue for your wedding, if you are overwhelmed and confused at the same time with too many options to choose from, and you want to figure out how to book wedding hall in G.T Karnal Road, contact Sloshout India’s number one online venue-booking platform that produces a list of the best venues in your chosen location subject to the nature of your requirements. It further allows you to book online the chosen venue from that lis

The list of the best banquet halls in North Delhi

1. Tivoli Grand Resort Hotel

Ideally suited for large wedding receptions or other grand ceremonies, this boutique hotel and resort on G.T Karnal Road can host up to 4000 people at a time combining its huge outdoor lawn, terrace, poolside and the large spacious banquet halls. It has round-the-clock customer service, an adequate parking area and 130 luxury rooms and suites to choose from in case you need them for your wedding guests. It has an in-house bar and serves great veg and non-veg preparations. 

Address: G.T Karnal Road, Alipur, New Delhi 110036

Per plate cost: ₹ 1,950 (starting price)

2. Carnival Pearl Grand

One of the most premium banquet halls in North Delhi, Carnival Pearl Grand in Alipur is a perfect combination of luxury and grandeur. Suitable for king-sized weddings, this premium banquet hall can accommodate up to 2500 guests at a time. It has both indoor and outdoor spaces. It offers quality accommodation for the guests and includes bridal dressing rooms in the package. It has the best decorators in the city in its panel and its in-house catering serves all kinds of foods including Chinese, Thai and Oriental. 

Address: Narela Road, Alipur, New Delhi 110036

Per plate cost: ₹ 2,200 (starting price)

3. Dream Palace Banquet

Located on G.T Karnal Road near Shakti Nagar, this banquet hall is a decent venue at an affordable price. Ideal for mid-sized weddings, this beautiful banquet hall can accommodate a maximum of 600 guests at a time. The biggest advantage of booking this venue is that it has a team of professional wedding planners who can organize the whole event without you having to take the hassles of doing anything at all. Decoration and catering are in-house. Drinks can be arranged subject to license. If you are looking for cheap banquet halls in North Delhi, keep this venue on your target list.

Address: 7259, Block 22, GT Karnal Rd, Shakti Nagar, New Delhi 110007

Per plate cost: ₹ 800 (starting price)

4. Yadu Greens

If luxury had a face, then it would certainly look like this wedding venue.  Massive banquet halls, spectacular crystal chandeliers and jaw-dropping décor make this place the perfect fit for a stunning wedding reception. The venue has three banquet halls with a combined capacity to host almost 5000 guests at a time which makes it one of the largest wedding venues in Delhi. Needless to say, parking is never going to be a problem with such a huge space this venue has. Both decoration and catering are provided in-house. 

Address: N.H.- 1, G.T.Karnal Road, Alipur, New Delhi 110036

Per plate cost: ₹ 2,400 (starting price)

5. Mohan Vilaas

A little bit on the affordable side, this venue has stunning interiors and a spacious outdoor that is capable of hosting a mid-sized wedding party. The banquet halls are airy, elegantly decorated and suitable for all kinds of private parties. Its USP is its food. It serves a variety of traditional Indian cuisines from different regions as well as several delicious Chinese, Thai and Continental dishes through its in-house catering. 

Address: Siraspur Village, Opposite Gurudwara, G.T. Karnal Road, New Delhi 110036

Per plate cost: ₹ 1,200 (starting price)

6. The Grace Banquet

At first glance, this wedding venue would remind you of a colossal European Museum when you enter its premises. With its stunning and elegant interior, massive Venetian chandeliers and world-class amenities, this wedding venue is sure to be on your ultimate favourite list if you are from Delhi NCR. Suitable for mid-sized weddings and other parties, this venue can accommodate a maximum of 700 people at a time.

Address: GT Karnal Road Industrial Area, Ashok Vihar, New Delhi 110007

Per plate cost: ₹ 1,100 (starting price)

7. The GranDreams, GT Karnal Road

This gorgeous-looking wedding venue stands out from the rest when it comes to external and internal design. Inspired by Egyptian architecture, this wedding venue has huge sculptures of Egyptian men and women right at the entrance. The interior however looks more European than Egyptian in terms of looks and design inspiration. It has three banquet halls with a combined capacity to hold around 1500 people at a time. The venue is known for its efficient management and on-the-toe customer service.  It also has a well-stocked bar that serves drinks subject to proper license. 

Address: B-17, G.T. Karnal Road, Alipur, New Delhi 110007

Per plate cost: ₹ 1,900 (starting price)

8. Casa Lima Banquet

With two well-decorated banquet halls, this wedding venue has enough space to accommodate around 700 people, which makes it the ideal place for hosting mid-sized wedding events. Don’t get misguided by its modest and narrow entrance, its interiors are worth considering. The venue provides in-house catering and serves both veg and non-veg food. 

Address: B-51, G.T. Karnal Road Industrial Area, Near Nanak Piao Gurudwara, Ashok Vihar, New Delhi 110007

Per plate cost: ₹ 1,300 (starting price)

9. Grand Imperia Banquet North

This stunning wedding venue has 3 banquet halls and a small terrace that can accommodate up to approximately 2500 guests when combined. The entire venue has centralized AC and is tastefully decorated. The parking space is relatively small which can accommodate a maximum of around 50 cars. Food is compulsorily in-house. It also has another great wedding venue in Moti Nagar, West Delhi.

If you want to know how to book a wedding hall near South Delhi, log on to

Address:  A 7, opp. Gujranwala Town, GT Karnal Road Industrial Area, New Delhi 110009

Per plate cost: ₹ 1,300 (starting price)

10. Blue Sapphire Motel and Resort

If you want a stunning wedding venue in the North Delhi area for the most special occasion of your life, then this place must be on your top 5 list. This venue is actually a resort that is ideal for weekend getaways. With a mid-sized banquet hall and sprawling outdoor space, this venue can host up to 2500 guests on a floating basis. It has many reputable decorators on its panel, but you are free to bring in your favourite vendors as per your choice.

Address:  Blue Sapphire, GT Karnal Rd, opposite Shani Temple, Alipur, New Delhi 110036

Per plate cost: ₹ 1,500 (starting price)


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