6 Analog Watches that are Oh So Retro!


Watchmaking as a craft and a product has evolved exponentially in recent years, where not just designs but the very make of the watch has changed from analog to digital to smart. Now, it has become a market that celebrates preference over trends, where classics have always been bestsellers, and other designs have their niche in fashion. While smartwatches, digital watches and even crystal watches have collections, nothing quite feels as classy as donning retro analog watches that can transport you to the golden eras.

Analog watches are the norm and have been the most popular design in fashion and function. With the onset of vintage-inspired aesthetics returning to fashion spreads, runways and collections across the globe, the original analog designs have resurfaced as favourites. Looking at the options below to have an easier look into the world of retro analog watches.

Pristine in White

Analog watches are deceptively simple but effortlessly classy as well. This watch is an ideal example of the same, with its large round dial in white, surrounded by simple brown straps. The colour combination is classic and reminiscent of some of the earliest designs in women’s analog watches. That is why it still works as one of the best accessories you can invest in for an elevated work look or casual ensemble.

The All-in-One

This watch is the perfect culmination of some of men’s watches’ most popular trends and colour combinations. It fits with the retro appeal, with a symphony of colours that works seamlessly together. The blue dial is a classic in many analog watches, and this piece is a homage to the same. Silver watches have become a wardrobe staple for men who like to go for the simple and easy choices in fashion, whereas the tan, brown straps have now become hipster chic even in the workplace. It is quite simply one watch that you must own.

The Black Pearl

While looking for retro aesthetics, one will inevitably happen upon the black and gold analog watches that became an instant classic in the day and even today. This watch is an example of the same, where the aesthetic is better suited for special occasions and ensembles. It is a stunning combination that never fails, but the only difference is that the black dial and strap dominate the look over the gold, which accents the case and the sides of the straps. It is a beautiful balance, sure to catch the eye.

The Grandmaster

The very name of this timepiece has an old-fashioned feel. The Grandmaster watch celebrates the fine craft of watchmaking and combines it with a retro-vintage look worth longing for. This piece has a white dial, which is quite different from most watches we’ve seen before. It uniquely shows the time, with the numbers focussing on one half of the dial. The rest of the dial is pure white, without even indices. The muted metal of the casing is complemented by the Brown straps making it a timeless classic.

The Seamless Black 

Black is one of the most popular colours for analog watches, and no list would be complete without the same. This watch is the ideal accessory to pair with every occasion, attire and season. It is the jack of all trades within analog watches, especially when the hue of the black dial extends out to the straps as well. It is a classic, whether for the retro aesthetics or the modern look.

Go for Gold

Retro aesthetics were all about experimentation; gold and silver watches were all the rage. This trend has not dissipated at all, with many customers captivated by the look of these watches in real life. They are designed to be the centre of attention or the statement piece in your ensemble. This timepiece with an engraved silver dial also had bands of gold running through its silver straps. The piece is perfect for that retro look and classy touch to your watch collection.

Adding some vintage touches to your look is always fun to change your look and exude a chic and classy aura. Many designers and watchmakers have seen the potential of vintage designs, which is why analog watches with a retro feel have been making a steady return in many collections. Therefore, if you are looking for a piece to call your own, you can head to Titan, browse through their stunning collections, and find the perfect match.

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