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Rahul Gandhi’s attack: PM Modi Wants to run Tamil Nadu with the help of Remote control


In the wake of the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi once engaged in campaigning for the State Congress has once again attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During a roadshow in Kanyakumari, he said that the Prime Minister likes to see himself on TV.

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PM thinks Tamil Nadu is like TV. They can change the channel with the help of remote control. That is, you can run Tamil Nadu on your own. Because Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K. Palaniswami is corrupt. Modi has CBI and ED, with the help of which he continues to carry out his work.

Tamil Nadu CM surrenders

Rahul Gandhi said that PM Modi wants to control Tamil Nadu CM from Delhi. Rahul said that I am very disappointed with the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu because instead of standing against Narendra Modi and asking questions, he has surrendered.


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