Why Every Cricket Fanatic Must Play Fantasy Cricket Leagues Online

Cricket is one of the most-loved sports across the globe. If you ask someone from India ‘Which game do you enjoy playing or watching the most?’, the answer would be evidently ‘Cricket’ in most cases. People are thoroughly passionate about cricket and it has become an integrated part of entertainment for them.

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With the arrival of fantasy cricket apps, the gaming industry has seen a sharp rise in the number of players and participants who are fanatic about cricket. These online apps provide not only entertainment but also require skills to play and are quite amazing.

These platforms provide multiple gaming options and can be played from anywhere if you are connected to the internet. In a very short period, the fantasy cricket app has gained wide popularity and a large base of active players.

While there are a plethora of options to choose from, the renowned fantasy premier leagues are IPL (Indian Premier League), CPL (Caribbean Premier League), BBL (Big Bash League), PSL (Pakistan Super League), BPL (Bangladesh Premier League), and others were cricket fanatics get to use their knowledge of the sport and play with their opponents by creating their own fantasy team.

What is fantasy cricket?

Fantasy cricket is an online game of cricket where you need to utilize your skills to win a match. The key to winning a match is that you should have a sound understanding of how the game is played, what are the rules of the game, and the tricks of playing the game.

There are many apps that provide cricket lovers to play online fantasy cricket, and the best amongst them is MPL Fantasy Cricket, which provides a smooth registration and login process and has a good graphical interface.

The app is extremely easy to use and you can play your favorite game with your friends or other players on the platform. Register yourself for free and form your dream team before you start playing.

So, firstly, you need to choose the right players virtually and form a fantasy team of 20-25 players who will participate in the upcoming cricket tournaments and league contests. After selecting the players of your team, the second task that you must do is choose two players who will represent the post of Captain and Vice-Captain in your team.

This is an integral part of the game and requires an in-depth analysis of the team players. You need to choose the Captain and Vice-Captain wisely because the Captain helps to earn 2x points and the Vice-Captain earns 1.5x points during a contest.

After all the selection process is over, you can now participate in an upcoming one-day match or league match as per your interest and play strategically with your opponents to win big!

Three Reasons why every cricket enthusiast should try out fantasy cricket

Fantasy cricket games are exhilarating and include your favourite league matches which are quite sensational. The following are some reasons why you should definitely try playing fantasy cricket online:

1. You can create your dream team

The online platform of fantasy cricket features virtual versions of all the cricket players who are part of the premier leagues that you want to play. You are free to choose the players for your dream team from a pool of players for your fantasy cricket team. The virtual cricket team should contain a set of eleven players with one substitute player as per the rules of cricket. But fantasy cricket comes with a twist; it allows the user to create a draft version of their preferred players from both the contending teams in a particular match.

This whole process becomes very interesting as you need to analyze a player’s strengths and weaknesses before onboarding them to your team. Also, in a real cricket match, you will never get such opportunities. It is only possible in the virtual world of cricket. Here, you need to build a team from scratch with a dedicated budget and enjoy watching them play with the opponent team and outperform them. There is a thrill and feeling of pride when you will see your team win a match!

2. It boosts your excitement level 

Playing online fantasy cricket is extremely thrilling and provides you a new experience. Additionally, it helps you to boost your energy levels because online fantasy cricket apps provide inventive highlights.

Playing a cricket tournament online by creating your own team of players is in itself challenging and interesting. Once you partake in a league match, simultaneously you also begin to appreciate the live match that is happening and get excited when a player of your team performs well like for example, when your favorite batsman hits a six or, your best fast bowler takes down a wicket during a crucial point in the match.

This will likely shoot up your energy levels and keep you glued to the tournament. Moreover, if you are a die-hard cricket fanatic, then playing online fantasy cricket is a treat for you.

3. Keep up with the sport

A true cricket fan needs to stay updated with the current rules or changes of the game. Be it a new regulation, a new rule of the game, or the new players who are high on energy and are taking the world of cricket by storm, the fact that matters the most is a true cricket lover should be aware of any such changes. Staying updated with everything new is a true cricket lover’s pride. However, we cannot afford to keep ourselves much updated with the current changes due to our hectic schedules.

But, with the introduction of online fantasy cricket apps, you get to learn a lot about the new rules and regulations. Also, if you want to participate in league matches you need to familiarize yourself with the performance statistics of the new players and the premier players as well. This holistic knowledge of the game is mandatory if you want to win! In this process of research and analysis, you will be able to catch up on the latest updates that are revolving around the world of cricket.


Once you join the app, you will get to know about numerous other benefits as well, like joining bonuses, winning points, types of leagues, and upcoming matches that will keep you entertained and make your passion for the game even stronger! You can enhance your cricket knowledge to show everyone who is the real cricket guru by predicting the outcome of a match and Minecraft Servers gaining popularity among your friends.


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