6 Reasons Your Business Needs a Strong Digital Marketing Strategy


Are you having a dilemma on whether to employ digital marketing to grow your or not? Today, we will look at digital marketing from all angles and list the reasons to go for (and also not to) digital marketing. But first things first. What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a form of marketing where we use the internet to make people aware of our product or service, as well as why they should opt for it.

Why is Digital Marketing important? Digital marketing has gained importance in the modern world, where customers spend a big chunk of their time online. And therefore, the most effective way to gain new leads for a business is to catch them while they are browsing the net or surfing social media. A digital marketing strategy is required in order to get ahead of your competitors and avail of the manifold opportunities in digital marketing.

Today, let us take a look at six reasons why your business needs a strong digital marketing strategy.

1. Boost Lead Conversion

One of the primary objectives of digital marketing is lead generation. The process of identifying and attracting possible consumers is called lead generation, and converting these prospective consumers into customers of a business is called lead conversion.

A sound digital business strategy can increase the percentage of lead conversion and can lead to higher business for the company. You can formulate a digital sales strategy to communicate the value of your product, as well as the vision of your business through digital marketing and branding.

2. Improving Cost Optimization

A company can use different channels for digital marketing- social media, email as well as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. The good news is that all these channels cost much lesser than traditional marketing through print, radio, or TV.

Thus, digital marketing can help optimize marketing costs for a business. Also, it is easier to track exactly how much user interest the marketing is generating in terms of leads. In traditional marketing, the immediate effect of a campaign is hard to gauge.

3. Reach Ideal Customers

Traditional marketing channels only market the product or service to a broad audience without differentiating between the profile of recipients. In digital marketing, it is possible to find out potential customers who would be interested in your product.

Techniques like Online Profiling can be used to predict whether an internet user is likely to be interested in buying your product or not.

4. Keeping up with the Market or Staying Ahead of it

In this digital age, companies are using more and more digital tools. Whether it be marketing, accounts, or HR, digitization is a must for a modern company. And so, if a business is reluctant to use the services of a digital marketing agency, it might fall behind in the race with its competitors. Most firms today, therefore, have their presence on all social media platforms to harness the internet marketing opportunity.

5. Measuring and Improving your Return on Investment

Traditional marketing techniques have very little scope to determine the ROI (Return on Investment) on investment in marketing. In digital marketing, however, it is much easier to gauge the returns on investment. All you have to do is divide the returns from online converted leads by the investment in digital marketing.

Once you have an idea of the kind of ROI digital marketing is generating, you can tweak your strategy accordingly in order to increase the ROI.

6. Gaining a Sense of Direction

A business can use digital marketing in conjunction with analytical tools to gain a grip on their consumer needs as well as their perception of the company. All this information can be used to formulate a strategy for the future course of the company.

It can be used to identify opportunities, threats as well as strengths and weaknesses. In effect, one can identify whatever needs to be done in order for the company to sustain and grow in the future.

Is there any Possible Reason not to opt for a Digital Marketing Strategy?

While digital brand strategy is a prerequisite for most purposes in today’s time, there can still be some potholes for a business. There are security and privacy issues associated with the opportunity of digital marketing. When done in excess, it can lead to spamming, which might detract consumers. Also, high competition in the digital space tends to confuse the consumer.


Digital Marketing is the present and future of marketing. And adopting its usage is almost non-negotiable today. A sound digital marketing strategy is imperative for a business to sustain itself and even get ahead of the curve.


Aaron Hanson works as a digital marketer with e Intelligence, a digital marketing company with offices in the UK and India. He works passionately to find innovative solutions for digital marketing pain points and loves to share his expertise with anyone who needs it.


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