6 Watches for Women that are a Power Dressing Must Have


Endless fashion guides and magazines have emphasized the importance of power dressing in the workplace. They are not limited to the corporate sector. They extend to the business, politics, and fashion world. The objective of power dressing is to make a statement that can solidify the wearer’s position in their sphere as one of importance and reverence. Our appearance is often one of the main ways of non-verbal communication, which is why power dressing is essential.

One can note that women’s corporate clothing, although limited to neutral palettes, is often sharper and more tailored than casual clothing. It is to convey a neat and polished silhouette, which can non-verbally speak for the wearer’s work ethic and confidence. However, this silhouette can be aided by a selection of accessories that can elevate their presence even further. Watches for women are one of the most reliable additions to power dressing, as they can add a touch of personality and class to your look.

Therefore, let us look at some options in watches for women that are a power dressing must-have.

1. Elegant and Earthy

Watches for Women

Power dressing can be tricky to incorporate into your wardrobe and daily look, but you can help your pursuits by investing in accessories that can give you that edge effortlessly. This is a unique piece in the category of watches for women, as it combines two earthy shades to create a memorable piece for the driven and ambitious. The beige, pentagonal dial stands out from the rest, and the rustic strap gives you that charming aura for all the meetings to make an impression.

2. The Infallible Classic

Best Watches for Women

Nothing makes an impression quite like the timelessness of a well-crafted classic. This watch and its design are meant to turn heads without much ado, as it is understated yet breath-taking simultaneously. The magic of this piece is in its simplicity, where it combines the golden hue of the case, the pristine white of the dial with the bold yet demure black straps. This watch lacks embellishments and embodies the statement ‘less is more.’

3. Go-getter in Gold

Watches for Women Sonata

All gold is often one that can become too loud and overbearing with outfits, but this watch stands out without vying for attention. Power dressing is all about exuding class and confidence, and this watch gives you both with its vintage-inspired design. It is a stunning example of how watches can be statement pieces, where the gold and silver complement each other skillfully. Therefore, this watch can be a great companion for all your workplace ensembles.

4. Royalty in Blue

Blues are often missed out on when it comes to watches for women. It is a shade often limited to men’s collections, but the versatility of this shade is well-exhibited with this piece. This watch is dainty and delicate in appearance, but the gold and blue give it a regal touch meant to go with every ensemble and every occasion. It is a stunning accessory all year-round, with its quiet, powerful aura that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

5. The Preppy Pink

Watches for women often experiment with bright dial shades, and this watch is one for all those who are drawn to pinks and golds when it comes to their accessories. The watch is bold when making a statement, and the golden, chainmail-inspired straps are broken through with a bright pop of pink on the dial. The pink has a shift to it as well, which makes it even more captivating to look at when it is in the light. Therefore, it is perfect for all those who enjoy bright colour palettes.

6. Cool and Steely

This watch is a tribute to the classic Stainless Steel and Blue dial combination, making it a must-have for your power dressing needs. When worn with sharp workwear apparel, this watch shines on the wrist like a classy piece of armour ready to take on new challenges. The design is chic, and the blue dial has an inlaid dial in a contrasting shade of silver. This makes the watch unique and classic at the same time.

Power dressing can be elevated by a couple of notches when complemented by a striking watch. Donning a chic watch as you point through presentations or gesticulate through brainstorming sessions gives your presence a sense of gravity and class. That is why investing in great watches for women for all your power dressing needs is a must for your work wardrobe. If you don’t know where to start, reputed brands like Sonata have curated collections of watches for women for all your power dressing needs. 


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