Advantages of Android Over iOS: What Do You Need to Know?


In the world of mobile operating systems, the rivalry between Android and iOS has been legendary. These two giants have carved their own territories, each with millions of followers. iOS has been known for its uniform and sleek design for a long time. However, Android is celebrated for its versatile alternative that offers various advantages. These advantages of Android over iOS are various. 

But what are the advantages of Android over iOS? We will get to know all of it and more in this blog. We will see when you should choose it, etc. So let’s get started.

Why does a rivalry between Android and iOS exist?

The rivalry between Android and iOS has been a defining force in mobile technology for years. In this section, we will delve into the underlying reasons and factors that fuel the Android vs. iOS rivalry:

Market dominance

Android and iPhone operating systems are the two most widely used mobile OS. Moreover, each vyes for a larger share of the smartphone and tablet market. So, competition is natural when two giants compete for user attention and loyalty.

Business interests

Both Google and Apple have significant financial stakes in the mobile ecosystem. Moreover, revenue from app stores, device sales, and related services fuels their rivalry.

Ecosystem lock-in

Both platforms aim to create loyal users who are integrated into their ecosystems. So switching from one to the other often entails significant friction, fostering loyalty and rivalry.

Innovation and differentiation

Android and iOS continually strive to outdo each other. This is by introducing new features and capabilities. Additionally, this drive for innovation leads to a perpetual rivalry in terms of who can offer users more.

Developer support

Developers play a crucial role in the rivalry. They decide which platform to prioritize for app development. So, both Android and iOS compete for developers’ attention and support.

Now, let us take a deeper look and see the advantages of Android over iOS.

What are the advantages of Android over iOS?

The advantages of Android over iOS can be attributed to several key factors:

Diverse hardware options

Android’s appeal is amplified by the sheer variety of devices it runs on. This diversity allows users to choose devices that align with their specific needs. So, this is a flexibility that iOS, confined to Apple devices, cannot match.


Android has a strong presence in the budget smartphone segment. It offers a diverse range of cost-efficient options when it comes to purchasing. So, this affordability democratizes access to smartphones. As a result, it makes them accessible to a broader demographic. In contrast, iPhones tend to be positioned at a premium price point. So, this falls for the advantages of Android over iOS.


Android’s open-source nature empowers users to personalize their devices extensively. This customization includes changing the device’s launcher, etc. Moreover, iOS, by design, offers limited customization options. As a result, it caters more to a standardized user experience.

App variety

The Google Play Store, Android’s app marketplace, boasts larger and more diverse applications. Android users enjoy access to a broader selection of apps. It includes early releases, beta versions, etc. As a result, it provides a richer app experience.

Google Integration

Android seamlessly integrates with Google’s ecosystem. It includes services like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, and Google Assistant. Moreover, this integration provides a cohesive user experience. This is because users can access and sync their Google data across various Android devices.

Let us look more deeply at the advantages in the next section.

Advantages of Android over iOS: Looking at more parameters

In this section, we will go into deeper elements in which the advantages of Android over iOS are seen:

Choice of default apps

Users of Android may choose default applications for a number of tasks. It includes email, messaging, and browsing. So, this flexibility empowers users to choose their preferred apps for specific tasks. As a result, it enhances the overall user experience and productivity.

Rooting and advanced customization

Here, the Android users have access to root their smartphones. This grants them extensive control over the operating system. Moreover, this opens up possibilities for advanced customization. It includes the installation of custom ROMs and deep system modifications for power users. 

Hardware innovation and experimentation

The Android ecosystem encourages hardware innovation and experimentation. Manufacturers frequently introduce unique features, form factors, and technologies. As a result, they push the boundaries of what smartphones can do. So, this dynamic environment results in a wide array of options for users seeking cutting-edge technology.

User-replaceable batteries and expandable storage

Some Android devices still offer user-replaceable batteries and expandable storage options. This practicality allows users to swap out batteries for a longer device lifespan easily. It also helps to increase storage capacity with microSD cards. This makes one of the strongest advantages of Android over iOS.

Reduced dependency on proprietary software

Android relies less on proprietary software and ecosystems. As a result, it makes it versatile for users who prefer cross-platform compatibility. 

Now that we have gone through the perks of Android over iOS let us go through the benefits of Android app development as well.

What are the benefits of Android app development?

In this section, we’ll explore the compelling benefits of app development in Android. These are the ones that make it a preferred choice for many developers:

Lower development costs

Compared to iOS, Android app development is often less expensive. This is due to elements like cheaper app submission fees or open-source tools. This makes it a desirable option for new firms and those operating on a limited budget.

Open-source platform

Android’s open-source nature allows developers to make changes to the operating system. It makes it possible for creative and personalized app experiences. Additionally, it promotes innovation and enables developers to produce original solutions.

Easier app distribution

Distributing Android apps is straightforward through the Google Play Store. Moreover, developers can reach their target audience quickly. Also, app updates can be rolled out smoothly to users.

Diverse device compatibility

Android apps are designed to work across a range of devices, from smartphones to wearables. This adaptability ensures that your app can cater to various device types. As a result, it increases its utility and potential user base. One can also opt for offshore Android development to get all the benefits.

Integration with Google services

Google services like Maps, Drive, and Analytics may be simply integrated into Android applications. It improves user experience and functionality as a consequence. One of the many significant advantages of Android over iOS is this. So, location-based or data-driven apps may benefit especially from this connection.


Android as an OS provides great flexibility. Moreover, the huge software library or open source design it offers is ideal for customers. Additionally, Google’s ecosystem provides great integration with Android, resulting in unmatched productivity. We also see a large audience utilizing it due to its cost, support, and versatility. So, if personalization and innovation matter to you, the advantages of Android over iOS are numerous.


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