AWS v/s Azure: Which Is The Best Cloud Platform For Your Business


There are only two titans when it comes to the Cloud Computing domain. AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Azure. The battle is going on and will be fierce in the coming years as AWS continues to dominate and Azure won’t let AWS rule for too long. At a glance, you might think that AWS is way far ahead and is hard to catch up with. 

But you will realize upon a closer observation that Azure is indeed catching up very quickly with AWS. You must take into account multiple factors and parameters to determine the best Cloud Service Provider out of the two as this is a close battle to lead the billions of dollars industry that is changing the way companies and industries are developing software and handling their data and workload. So keep reading this guide to get an insight into the battle of AWS vs Azure

The Start

AWS was developed in 2003 and rolled out to customers in 2006. AWS was born out as a solution to the infrastructure problem faced by Amazon back in the early 2000s. Before AWS, Amazon had messed up its infrastructure, and thus the teams inside Amazon had to work in silos. It hindered their growth and tangled their efforts to make the whole process streamlined. 

So to improvise the conditions, Amazon professionals gathered and worked out a way to iron out infrastructure issues and replaced them with well-documented APIs. Then in 2003, they realized that if this concept changed their approach and worked out wonders for them, they could make a business fortune out of it. It was at the time when companies and organizations were struggling to keep up due to heavy prices of procuring hardware, installation charges, and the expenses of keeping IT teams. Rest is history. 

Today AWS is standing as the #1 player in the Cloud Computing Market, with majority shares of the total Cloud market. Companies like Netflix, Spotify, Expedia, and government organizations like NASA, CIA use AWS. 

Azure was launched around 2011 and struggled a lot to keep up with the competition from market-dominant AWS who had huge resources, good market share, and many more to tackle any pressure from new market entrant Azure. But soon Azure started offering good resources and services along with revamped Cloud offerings. They added support for multiple programming languages, operating systems, and made their systems to be more scalable. If you wish to break into Azure Cloud through Certs, check out Azure Online Course

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Which one is better? AWS or Azure

AWS and Azure both offer great services to their customers today. Both fight over neck-to-neck to offer improved customer service. AWS holds the majority share in the Cloud market as of today. AWS being in the market for a long time offers more services to its customers and improved services from the global perspective. Azure is the new entrant, scaling its operations and catering to new customers and their needs. Azure has reported huge growth in recent years and is the fastest-growing Cloud in the market and has shown double the growth rate of AWS in a single quarter of 2018. 

Cloud is the real winner!

Cloud has changed the game for software development. Cloud has brought in a revolution in the tech industry with its on-demand services like computing, storage, database, networking, and many other services in a pay-as-you-go service model. It has helped companies and organizations to churn out new products and services to the market faster, with more efficiency, less operational costs, improved collaboration, lower expenses, and exponential growth in innovation. 

However, all these could only happen if there are certified professionals in the Cloud domain working in a company to make this Cloud transition easier and harmonious. Naturally, with increasing Cloud penetration and demand, there is a huge demand for certified Cloud professionals in the companies that use these services. These professionals have to address their concerns and chart out ways to fix them and help make Cloud integration be more fruitful. 

Cloud jobs are one of the high-paid jobs currently in the tech industry. So there is a huge demand for professionals getting AWS or Azure certified along with better opportunities and salary prospects. Both Cloud vendors offer specific role-based certifications for Solutions Architect, Developers, SysOps Admin, DevOps Engineers, Cloud Architect, etc. 

AWS is the biggest cloud player today in the market, but there are many players eyeing that spot. Azure is posting a higher than ever growth rate in recent years. Google is also jumping to the scene with its fierce strategy. Along with a host of other players too. Azure is used by more than 90% of the Fortune 500 companies. AWS is used by startups to major organizations and governmental organizations such as NASA, CIA, and many more. 

So clearly this race or battle will go on for more time to come. The clear winner in this battle is Cloud technology.

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