Does Instagram Notify you When you Screenshot a Story?


Instagram stories have become a famous trend since 2017. Back when you weren’t able to make IG videos, Instagram stories were the most popular feature of Instagram as people were able to share videos through them. Instagram stories whether it is pictures or videos last for almost 24 hours which means that the story automatically disappears after 24 hours not only from the user’s story section but also from your messages and profile too. Instagram stories are also helpful in businesses. Many Businesses use Instagram stories to promote their brands on Instagram.

This is the most common reason that people take screenshots of others’ Instagram stories. They might just want to keep a recipe or a DIY trick for future use. To maintain the privacy of everyone, Instagram’s security service used to send a notification to the person of someone who screenshotted their story but this continued only till 2018, and after that Instagram stopped sending notifications to the person who screenshotted their story. 

Now you can screenshot anyone’s story without letting them know about it and keep it for a longer period. 

Several bloggers are working on Instagram to support their businesses or brand on Instagram. Most bloggers upload hacks or tricks that are very useful and people love to keep them for longer use. Once a story is uploaded it will vanish within 24 hours. Now few people need to keep a record of some of the tricks and hack especially the tricks that are used for cooking, baking, styling, and dressing as well as some DIY tricks for decoration and embellishment of the home. 

Now, if you want to watch these videos or stories again, what is an alternate way of keeping these stories and videos saved on your device without notifying the other person? Screenshot and screen record is the only way of keeping these videos saved on your device for longer use. But, people don’t want to let people know that you have screenshot their video. So, to avoid this issue, Instagram has launched this feature that will not notify the person if you either screenshot or screen record the video or any picture without their permission. 

In this way, you can easily screenshot the stories and watch them later whenever you want to watch them. Therefore it is confirmed that Instagram will not notify the person if you screenshot their picture or screen record any video from their stories. Just don’t worry about these little things and screenshot stuff easily on Instagram. 

More than 500 million Instagram stories are daily shared on Instagram. It is one of the most important questions asked whether Instagram notifies a person if you screenshot their story. The only answer to this question is that no, it doesn’t notify the person. Fortunately, this is the truth and it has helped many people. Instagram only notifies a person if you take a screenshot of a direct message. The idea of not sending a direct notification to a person regarding an Instagram story is to keep the person’s identity hidden so that any basic information shouldn’t be leaked. 

There is another question that people usually ask and that is does Instagram notify the person if you screen record someone’s story? The answer to this question is again the same. No, it doesn’t notify a person if you screen-record anyone’s Instagram stories. If you don’t want others or any unknown people to look at your story you should keep your account private as keeping a public account will not be useful for you in this regard. 

There are several ways that you can use to screenshot someone’s Instagram stories. 

Different ways to Screenshot Instagram story 

First Procedure 

  • Open your Instagram account on your mobile. 
  • Next search for the person whose story you want to Screenshot. 
  • Now once you have opened the story that you want to screenshot, just immediately disconnect your mobile internet. 
  • After this step just takes a Screenshot of that story it will not send a notification to that person. 

Second Procedure 

  • In the second procedure, you just log in to the Instagram account through the Instagram website and then search for Instagram stories and screenshot the story immediately from the website. It is an alternative to the first method. The most important advantage of using this procedure is that it can be used both on desktop as well as mobile. In this way, it will reduce the chances of risks and will help you in reducing the chances of sending alerts to the person after you have taken a screenshot of someone’s story. 

Third Procedure 

  • There is another frequent method that has been used to screenshot or screen record someone’s stories. There are various recording apps available for recording anything on Instagram or anywhere else too. These apps will eventually help you to keep a record of someone’s story for later use. It is one of the most common methods used by people to record multiple stories on Instagram. You can start recording the Instagram stories using these apps with a recorder to copy the Instagram story you want to keep for longer use. 

Final Words

Story saving and story sharing on Instagram have become one the most vital for users in 2021. The above-mentioned procedures are used for saving stories without even notifying the person about saving anyone’s story. There are hundreds and thousands of interesting content that people want to forward as well as share on their own stories. When you share such data on your stories, there is a chance to increase your Instagram followers on your account. And the only way they could do this is by screen recording anyone’s story on Instagram or taking a screenshot of the posts. The information provided in this article is authentic and can help you in removing any doubts regarding this process. You can now easily screenshot or screen record someone’s story without getting worried about your privacy because it does not send any message to the person and your identity will not be revealed.


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