Gojek Clone Script New Features That Make Your Food Delivery Business Visible


We don’t need to tell you how much mobile apps have changed our lives in the last few years. Consumers have relied on apps to suit their every demand since the invention of the smartphone. It’s hard to imagine a world without cell phones and applications.

Apps are used for everything nowadays, including buying plane tickets, shopping online, and making hotel reservations. However, following the epidemic, on-demand delivery service has exploded in popularity.

Developing an On-Demand Multi-Services App with an On-Demand Food Delivery Feature can help your app gain more customers.

Using an app to order food has become the standard. Because of the busy schedules, busy lifestyles, and perhaps a lack of desire to go out, the On-Demand Food Ordering sector is booming.

As a result, creating a Super App that meets the basic demands of your customers might help you build your business swiftly. And, right now, offering On-Demand Food Delivery can do wonders for your business, both financially and in terms of visibility.

Today, we’ll look at the Gojek Clone’s On-Food Delivery Services and the features that can help you scale your business.

Restricted driver’s fraud 

This feature prohibits the Delivery Driver from clicking the “Arrived” icon when he is plainly kilometres away from the Pick-Up location. With this feature, the App Owner can set the distance in metres before the “Arrived” icon for Delivery Drivers is turned off.

Free Delivery Promo Codes

From a selection of options, the App owner will select a Promo Code that gives “Free Delivery” for a certain retailer or all stores. Customers can obtain free shipping on their purchases by using the code. As needed, the feature can be turned on or off.

Location-wise Banners

When the Admin wants to target a specific location and people, he can set the Home Page Banner location-wise.

Re-assigning The Orders

The App owner/Admin will reassign the pending delivery order to another delivery driver in the following scenarios: For the pickup, there are no delivery drivers in the area. Despite the fact that delivery drivers are available, the order request was denied. The delivery drivers cancelled the order even after it had been verified.

Contactless Food Delivery

With minimal interaction during COVID-19, keeping the virus from spreading to consumers, staff, and the general public is easy. This way, you may continue to enjoy your favourite meals from prominent London restaurants and cafes while still benefiting from the convenience of online ordering.

Food delivery to your door will almost probably continue popular during customers’ busy days, and sending a favourite meal to someone special – no matter where they are – is a kind gift.

Different Restaurants Different Commission 

The app features with a unique segregated commission function that guarantees more revenue. You can choose a different commission percentage for each restaurant using this feature.

Day-wise Restaurant Operations

In different regions, different cultures and holidays are observed. The app now has the ability to keep selected days for restaurant/cafe/eateries operations separate from the other stores’ operation days, so that one store does not suffer for the sake of another owing to a day’s discrepancy.

Graphical Status Of The Order

Your customers will always know where their order is thanks to a graphical representation of the order status. The steps of placing an order, having it verified, having it in the kitchen, having it on the move, and having it delivered will all be shown.

Use Push-notification to Promote

Sending SMS notifications can irritate your customers. They might leave the app without purchasing the grocery. Thus, send a notification through the in-app feature. This way the customer will receive all the necessary notifications regarding the discounts, loyalty programs, price slash, and new launch of the feature.  Furthermore, make sure that the push-notification offers are relevant and send at the right time.

Voice Note for Delivery Driver

Customers can now leave an audio message for the delivery driver, informing them of their position and providing extra delivery instructions.

Final Thoughts

This all-in-one app is extremely popular around the world. As a result, whether you want to provide a diverse range of services or currently do, you should consider it. Nonetheless, investing in multi-services mobile app development is suggested.

As a result, hire a reputable Gojek Clone App Development company that provides economical Gojek Clone App packages. The app development team will recommend a viable option that will increase your company’s profits. Because multi-service apps like Gojek offer several services that generate various revenue streams, investing in our Gojek Clone App will vastly outpace your business revenue.

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