How Fleet Manager Software Enhances Security


Remote fleet management is a growing trend widely embraced by fleet managers worldwide. Properly managed fleets are efficient and profitable and eliminate the need for costly infrastructure. To achieve optimal fleet management success, you need a comprehensive fleet management tool. 

Top-tier fleet manager systems leverage mobile apps, cloud-based solutions, and AI to track drivers, fleet, and cargo. That keeps drivers on their toes, minimizes loss, prevents damage to cargo, and keeps vehicles in perfect condition. Integrating a comprehensive fleet management tool in your fleet business enhances security in the following ways.

1. Improves Driver Authentication and Identification

Comprehensive fleet management tools offer many driver identification and authentication features. From telematics devices to biometric and driver identification cards, fleet manager software gives fleet managers control over the activities and locations of drivers and their vehicles. For instance, telematics devices help a fleet manager track the movements of a driver and identify drivers according to the vehicle they are driving.

Driver identification cards require a driver to identify themselves to gain access to a job site. This minimizes unauthorized drivers entering a work site to pack or unpack items.

These security features cushion against unauthorized access to vehicles. They ensure only the assigned drivers can drive a vehicle. The end game is to maximize the safety of the cargo and vehicle while minimizing theft. It is a welcomed strategy to get things done in order. You can prevent security breaches that can lead to the loss of costly property or claims of poor driving habits.

2. Optimized Geofencing and GPS Tracking 

With cases of some drivers driving out of the assigned routes to partake in activities outside the assigned duties, a fleet management tool is a vital investment. When a driver enters a site not on their map or carries a load from other carriers, it is not only a security breach but a risk endeavor. The driver could get injured, robbed of the cargo, or expose the vehicle to unsafe roads.

Feet management systems have robust and reliable Geofencing and GPS tracking tools. The GPS tracker streams live vehicle location, updating you on its progress. You can tell when a vehicle goes past the delivery point or delays in delivery. Also, you can detect unauthorized vehicle access to counter the compromise of the cargo and vehicle. 

The Geofencing tool lets you create effective virtual boundaries around restricted areas, job sites, and customer locations. You receive an alert when a vehicle drives past or in the designed areas. It allows control of which drivers enter a specific job site within a set timeframe, minimizing accidents and congestion.

3. Optimized Inspection and Maintenance Schedules 

Equipment failure is one of the primary causes of trucking accidents. In a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Fatal Causation, 55% of truck accidents originated from mechanical failure. Leading equipment failures include unbalanced cargo, poorly maintained brakes, inflated tires, poor maintenance, transmission failure, etc. The FMCSA recommends pre-trip inspection and regular maintenance as a precautionary measure. 

A fleet manager system gives you better insights into the performance and efficiency of your trucks. You get alerts when a vehicle is due for maintenance and pre-trip inspection. It keeps all vehicles in your fleet in good working condition and eliminates the potential for breakdowns and accidents. It gives you peace of mind knowing all your vehicles are operating efficiently and there are lower chances of mechanical failures.

4. Efficiently Monitors Driver Behaviors 

Driver fatigue, aggressive driving, speeding, and distracted driving are some of the unsafe habits that increase the risks of traffic accidents. 

These habits become a threat when they become routine. They can put your vehicles at risk of being banned from operations. They could also lead to preventable accidents and injuries that cost your business. To avoid such risks, consider using vehicle management tools. They give you a real-life feed of the actions of a driver. You can tell when a driver is causing trouble on the road and caution them on time or fire them when they persist. 

The ability to control where your vehicles go and how the drivers behave is vital to the security of your fleet and business profitability. Some fleet monitoring systems even have a feature that puts off a vehicle when a fleet manager notices unsafe driving habits. You can quickly power off a vehicle threatening your business and other road users to prevent accidents and costly vehicle repairs.

5. Effective Cargo Monitoring and Temperature Control 

Your drivers transport valuable assets that, if misplaced or damaged, could cost your business a fortune. Some cargo require continuing monitoring and temperature control to prevent them from getting spoiled. Advanced fleet management tools monitor vehicle location and alert you when tampering attempts or unauthorized movements are detected. You can integrate them with temperature sensors. These sensors can detect and alert you in the event of temperature changes that could compromise the integrity of your cargo.

The profitability of your business relies on the cargo you disperse every day. If they get stolen, spoiled, or damaged, it can destabilize the business and risk unexpected closure. With a fleet monitoring system, you discover such threats on time and take precautions. It is a safe method of keeping your business afloat and a timely way to resolve issues that threaten its existence.

Wrapping Up

The security of your fleet is not something you can take for granted. From drivers and vehicles to the cargo, they need protection against internal and external threats. You can achieve a great level of security using fleet management tools. These systems have features that monitor and control the actions of drivers and prevent the risks of theft and cargo spoilage. Look for fleet manager systems that work with your business type and fleet size. Think of the features and benefits you want from using a fleet management tool.


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