How Much Does It Cost to Develop a React Native Mobile App?


Technological advancement has opened new opportunities for business owners. Whether you own a small business or a brand, you need to adopt technological changes to yourself ahead of the competition. It is estimated that technical impact will highly increase mobile app development.

As a result, it becomes the need of an hour for the business owners to bring their businesses in the smartphones. For building robust cross-platform mobile apps, react is the first choice every business owner opts for. However, one of the significant factors that make them worry is development cost. Let’s understand the elements that affect the development cost of react native mobile apps.

What are the factors that influence the development Cost of React Native Mobile App?

  • Complexities of the App

1.Architecture Model Deployment: If you want a custom mobile application architecture or prefer having a backend for the Bass model. You will have a ready-to-use backend architecture, but with customization, developers’ efforts increase. 

2. Admin Panel Development: The complexity of the app increases depending upon the features of the admin panel. If you integrate features like report analytics, tracking of all app activities, updating content without the help of the development team, etc., this will increase the development cost and complexity.

3. Third-party Integrations: To build a user-friendly app, you should integrate third-party apps and easy payment options. It will add more functionalities to the app but also make the development process more complex.

4. In-app Purchase: If you want to gain revenue fast from your app, you may include in-app purchases from your app. It seems enchanting, but actually, it is complex; you can hire a react native app development service provider to have this functionality in the app.

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  • Authorization

To build a react native app that requires user authentication or authorization and login increases the complexity of the app steps, unlike the one that does not require user login or approval.

  • Location of the Developer

The app development cost depends upon the location of the developer. As the cost of living depends upon country to county, similarly the hourly rate. Therefore, it is one of the significant factors behind deciding the development cost of the app.

  • Decision Regarding Team

Cost fluctuates depending upon the decision whether you are hiring a freelancer or a development company. Freelancers will cost you less, but you are not sure about the quality and expertise. 

  • App Maintenance

Expenses are not limited to app development; to make your app successful in the market, you need to continuously improve its features, design and fix bugs in the app. Annual maintenance cost can go up to 20% of the total development cost of react-native app development cost

  • Hardware

App complexity rises if it is dependent on the hardware. For instance, to develop an IoT-based app with react native, you have to spend more than creating any other react native app.

Summing It Up!!

If you want a feature-rich mobile app for your business but face budget issues, you should choose to react native app development. It offers the option of code-reusability hence reducing the development cost and efforts. Therefore, don’t delay your app development process and start creating quality-rich apps by hiring experienced developers. 

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