How the Health Care Sector Is Being Improved Thanks To AI


AI is a change towards revolution. Well in many fields Artificial intelligence has played a great role. For instance, we can take the fields of science, engineering, climate change possibilities, and traffic flow too. So you won’t be surprised if I tell you that the healthcare sector is going to use Artificial intelligence as their pro.  

Like robotics is playing a great role in our day-to-day life, well not all of us own a robot but we own Google assistant and Siri, right? So, we have been using robotics but we did not know. Robotics and AI are going to take care of the medical care ecosystem. 

 Diagnosis with AI is not new to anyone; it has been helping doctors for the past few years. Well, you must be thinking about what this AI is and how it helps doctors. 

What is AI?

Yes, Artificial intelligence is an intelligence that does the smarter work and provides the best to the customers. Well basically AI is a takeover of human jobs but in a prominent and essential way all along. 

Well, let me explain to you with an example. You all are using YouTube and amazon, right? So YouTube gives you the recommendation exactly as on your need or your recent views likewise amazon gives you the recommendation of books. So, how do they do this with this accuracy?

They use AI for it. Yes, whatever you watch or search is monitored by AI.  

So, now you know what AI is, let’s get to know how it can be or is being helpful to the health care or the medical care sector. There are several aspects in which AI can be helpful. Let’s dig deeper into this.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Healthcare in the Future

1. Stay Healthy With AI

Hey!! Are you mad, how can we stay healthy with the help of mere technology? Well, you can, why not. The usage of AI and the Internet of Medical Things being used in consumer health applications is already there for people.

Let’s take an example of the Noise application, which helps you to maintain and gain some extra possibilities for health.  You can manage your healthy lifestyle proactively with the help of these all AI-powered applications. 

Also, last but not least, AI helps the people who care for your health. It provides real-time data to your doctor or a family person to track your day-to-day patterns. 

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2. Early detections 

Thanks to AI we are now able to detect major diseases like cancer and that too in their early stages. 

A high proportion of mammograms give you false results which leads to 1 in 2 healthy women being told that they have cancer. But thanks to AI we are now able to translate the mammograms 30x faster and that too with 99% accuracy. And it won’t require unnecessary biopsies. 

Well, these facts have been told by the American cancer society itself. 

Reference: This AI software can tell if you’re at risk from cancer before symptoms appear

3. Diagnosis 

For diagnosis let’s take an example of Google’s Deep Mind Health, they are working in partnership with the biggest researchers to the smallest clinicians and patients with the motive of solving real-time healthcare problems.

AI in this particular field is immersed in machine learning and system neuroscience which builds algorithms in neural networks that mimic the human brain. 

4. Research 

Let’s talk about another association called California Biomedical Research Association; they say that it takes 12 years on average for a drug to travel from the research lab to the patient.

Research has also shown that 5 in 5000 testing make it to the human testing and one of that five is ever approved for human usage. Also about the numbers, it will take 359 million USD to develop a new drug for a company.  

So, how can we use AI in this?

First of all, with the help of the latest advances in AI, we can discover a drug and its repurposing very easily. With this technology, it will be better to cut the charges for new drugs and their availability in the market. 

5. Training 

Last but not least, AI can be useful in naturalistic simulations in a way that simple algorithms cannot. This can apply to every scenario. The response to the AI-generated questions can train the person who cannot be trained by anyone or anything else. 

Additionally, this training can be done everywhere with the little help of our smartphones and other smart devices we will be able to do training from anywhere we want. 

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In the end, I will just like to inform you that in ways AI is transforming our world to the newest heights, and we are going to observe a great change over the years. Well already not to mention that we are using AI-powered tools.

AI can be useful in many other ways, to take an example we can say that if we have an emergency then a catch-up session will be a great help. 

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